International Tender for Architectural Engineering Design of Shenzhen International Qianhai of Site No. 19-07-02 and 19-07-03, 19-07-05, 19-08-03

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The project enjoys an abundance of high-quality landscape resources such as mountain scenery, seaside, park and river, together with well-established infrastructures and convenient transportation. And with that, it promises to help Qianhai evolve into a globalized highland of industries, creating opportunities for talents from home and abroad, building world-class, high-end residential community and a new center of luxurious communities in Qianhai, and setting up a pilot demonstration community with characteristics of socialism for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay.The design work for each phase should include schematic design and design development(including budget estimate), preliminary design (including budget estimate), construction drawing design, cooperation between the construction team and tenderee, cooperation between the design and construction teams, completion of as-built drawing, general design contracting, etc. Design drawing for each phase shall comply with applicable regulations and requirements of Qianhai Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Municipal government and central government. The bidder shall complete all works phase by phase and make any modification arising from the review by government authorities according to the terms of the tender document.

Project Background

Qianhai is located in the east coast of the Pearl River Delta, the west of the Shekou Peninsula, it is adjacent to Hong Kong and covers an area of 15 square kilometers. Upon the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, requiring Shenzhen to act as a pilot role and use Qianhai as a platform to promote cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau in modern service industry. The plan further determined the strategic positioning of Qianhai Cooperation Zone as "Guangdong-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Innovation and Cooperation Demonstration Zone", requiring Qianhai to be gradually built into a system and mechanism innovation zone of modern service industry, a cluster zone of modern service industry development, a pilot area for close cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland and area to lead the Pearl River Delta regional industrial upgrade.

Geographical Location

This project is located in Unit No. 19 of Qianhai Mawan area. The unit is positioned as a comprehensive block that functions as a regional hub of production organization and an international supply chain management center. It is also the industrial service center in Mawan area, one of the three major areas of Qianhai.


This project comprises 3 plots, namely 19-07-02 and 19-07-03, 19-07-05 and 19-08-03, of which the plots of 19-07-02 and 19-07-03 are divided by internal municipal branch roads. And the project is divided into three phases, with the plot 19-07-02 and 19-07-03 in the first phase, plot 19-07-05 in the second phase and plot 19-08-03 in the third. This project covers an area of 61,349.25 square meters, the GFA above ground being 190,050 square meters and the total building floor area (including underground building area, etc.) provisionally estimated at 253,000 square meters. The land is mainly used for construction of residential building, apartment, infrastructure, commercial area and underground parking lot, with their land areas listed as follows: 141,000 square meters for residential building (including 9,000 square meters for housing for talents), 25,000 square meters for business apartment, 14,400 square meters for commercial area, and 9,650 square meters for infrastructures. The scope of design coordination includes planning coordination with surrounding land, and applicable extension to the surrounding based on the planned plots.

Bidding Control Price and Honorarium

1. Contract amountThe ceiling of the design fee for the project under the contract is RMB 50.3 million.The unit price (calculated by GFA above ground) is controlled at RMB 264.66 per square meter.2.Design Compensation3. Payment of design compensation and related feesThe design compensation, which is tax inclusive, will be paid in RMB. The bidder who receives an design compensation shall provide payment request materials and sign an agreement for the Employer to effect the payment after the publicity of the bidding result (provided that no objection is raised during the publicity period).4. Miscellaneous All expenses (including travel and accommodation) incurred by the bidder’s participation in shall be on the bidder’s account. If the Bid Evaluation Panel concludes that a bidder’s submissions fail to reach the required detailing level or meet the bidding requirements, no design compensation will be paid to said bidder.

Bidding Schedule

Important Information1. All application documents needed by the bidder are available at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.2. The deadline for bidders’ questions will be announced at the Bidding Announcements column of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.3. Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network is The Application Documents for Prequalification shall be delivered to the designated place.Submission address: Survey & Design Window of Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Centre, Floor 2, Design Building, No. 8 Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, China 5180315. Intended participants are also encouraged to start preparation for the bidding by registering at the Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Centre:; Each member/unit of the joint group shall register separately.Tenderee and OrganiserContactsPhone:+086-0755-86250922 (9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00, Monday to Friday, Beijing TimeEmail: atuchina@126.comFor more information, please refer to Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network and the official WeChat account ID of atuchina.Tenderee: Shenzhen International Qianhai Investment and Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Joint Tenderee:Shenzhen International Qianhai Business Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Organiser: ATUchinaSupervisor:Shenzhen International Holdings LimitedThe officially announced had released at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network shall prevail.Deadline for the submission:17:00, June 5, 2020The Chinese interpretation of all clauses herein shall prevail and the right to construe them resides in the Employer.The Tenderee reserves the right for the interpretation of the Tender Document, with the language of interpretation subjected to Chinese.