International Design Competition for National Design Museum

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1. Competition Name
International Design Competition for National Design Museum
2. Competition Method
This design competition is classified as general design competition and international design competition.
3. Project Overview
Site Location: cultural facility lot (Culture S-1) in Sejong-ri (Area S-1), Sejong, Korea
Site area : 12,157㎡
Architectural Area : 19,648㎡(14,071㎡ + 5,577㎡(underground parking)
Scale : 2 stories below the ground, 22m in height or lower, 5 stories above the ground or lower
Total construction cost : 40,374 million KRW for construction
Architectural design cost : Approx. 1,932 million KRW (including design cost for corridor and underground parking lot, VAT included)

Design period : about 12 months from the date of contract
Building-to-land ratio: less than 50%* The site area and building area for calculating the building-to-land ratio is based on the sum of the existing facilities (Children’s Museum, Integrated Facility, Museum of Urbanism and Architecture).
Site area: 59,936㎡ (existing facilities 47,779㎡+National Design Museum 12,157㎡)Building area: Existing facilities 7,444m2 + Building area of ​​the National Design Museum*
The underground parking lot may be subject to changes such as area increase, decrease, location change, etc. depending on budgetary circumstances during design service, and the winner must change the design within the above architectural design cost.

5. Schedule and Registration
(1) Competition Schedule
Announcemen tSept 2, 2021(Thu)
On-site Disclosure Sept 9th. 2021(Thu) 13:00~16:00(Not obligated to attend)
Inquiry Reception Period
Sept 10th 2021(Fri) ∼ Sept 16th 2021(Thu)
Reply to Inquiry
Sept 30th 2021(Thu)
Publication on the Competition Website
Registration Period
Oct 1st 2021(Fri) ~ Oct 11th 2021(Mon)
Submission Period
Dec 17th 2021, 10:00~17:00
Technical Assessment
Jan 5th 2022(Wed)
Main Assessment(
1st Round) Jan 11th 2022(Tue)
Main Assessment
(2nd Round)Jan 19th 2022(Wed)

Announcement of Winning Entries
Jan 21th 2022(Fri)

Registration Period : Oct 1st 2021(Fri) ~ Oct 11th 2021(Mon)
Participants must register on the competition website ( by the registration deadline.Registration is complete only after accessing the competition website and entering the necessary information according to the instructions. At this time, the personal identification number (PIN number) is used to identify the participants and the submitted drawings and documents during the competition period.After registration, it is possible to change members except for the representative until the deadline for submission of entries. However, if the representative of the application is changed, the registration of participation will be invalidated.

6. On-site Disclosure(Venue) Sept 9th 2021(Thu) 13:00~16:00, 551-7 Sejong-ri, Yeongi-myeon, Sejong Special Self-governing City, Rooftop of LH Happy City Sejong Promotion Center
There is no separate on-site briefing session due to the ban on gathering, and each person collects information within a set time. If there is a request for explanation of the site situation from the competition host and competition management party at the site, it is possible to respond within the on-site disclosure session.Attendees must follow the COVID-19 quarantine rules and the management guidelines of the PR center when entering the building
To help the understanding of the site, a video of the target site filmed with a drone will be provided through the competition website.

7. Submission
Each participant may submit only one work.Submissions must be submitted in person according to the date and time specified below.
Submission date: Dec 17th 2021(Fri) 10:00~17:00
Place of submission: Place of submission: 1F, 76, Soyanggang-ro, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-doAll submissions must be submitted before the deadline, and submission, modification or replacement is not possible after the deadline.Submitted submissions will not be returned.

8. Inquiry and reply
Inquiry Reception Period : Sept 10th 2021(Fri) ∼ Sept 16th 2021(Thu)website : (
– Note: Participants may ask questions through the competition website after registering as a member of the competition website. Inquiries are not accepted through separate e-mails or phone calls.Questions and answers are considered as additions or amendments to the design competition regulations.
– Reply to Inquiry: Sept 30th 2021(Thu), Publication on the Competition Website

9. Selection
Assessment results will be posted on the competition website after the assessment is over and only the winners will be officially notified.Compensation fee is paid to the representative of the application as follows according to the ranking of the successful candidates and prize winners.