International Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature, S.Korea

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International Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature, S.Korea

1. Promoter
-The holding organization for competition is Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea, S. Korea.

-The competition is Organized by Korea Institute of Architects.

2. The competition site
The site for New National Museum is seated in # 175, Jinhwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, S. Korea. The area of the site for competition is 13,248 ㎡. Total Floor Area is 14,704㎡.

3. Objectives of Competition
The purpose of the Design Competition is to draw and select an optimally creative and feasible plan that is suitable for the status of the National Museum of Korean Literature as a national literature museum for the systematic collection and conservation of the Korean literary estates and that will function as a vital base of domestic and global promotion and the exchange and cooperation of the worldwide spread of Korean literature.

4. Competition Methods
This competition is a general open competition and international competition.

5. Competition Schedule
-Official Announcement March 08 (Mon.), 2021
-Registration From March 08 (Mon.), 2021 to April 09 (Fri.), 2021
-Inquiry From March 15 (Mon.), 2021 to March 19 (Fri.), 2021 by 17:00
-Answer March 29 (Mon), 2021
-Submission May 31 (Mon.), 2021 by 17:00(UCT +09)
-Main Review June 09 (Wed.), 2021/ June 14 (Mon.), 2021
Winner Announcement June 18 (Fri.), 2021

6. Estimated Design Fee
3,033 million KRW (2.53 million us dollars) 1 us dollar=1,200KRW
7. Design Objectives
1. Symbolism of the National Museum of Korean Literature
2. Publicness in the open era
3. Regional connectivity and eco-friendliness
4. Expandability as a complex cultural space
5. Space flexibility regarding the spread of infectious diseases
8 .
1. Kim, Gyu Rin Korean Institute of Female Architects, President/ Korea
2. Kim, Yong Seung Hanyang University, Professor/ Korea
3. Lim, Ho Kyun Yonsei University, Professor/ Korea
4. Louis Becker Henning Larsen, CEO/ Denmark
5.Thomas Vonier UIA (International Union of Architects), President/USA

Preliminary Juror
1.Lee, Kyung Hoon Kookmin University, Professor/ Korea

9. Prizes
1st Prize: The prority negotiation rights for basic and working design, and design intention implementation
2nd Prize (1 entry): 50 million KRW (41,667 us dollars/ 1 us dollar=1,200KRW)
3rd Prize (1 entry): 30 million KRW(25,000 us dollars/ 1 us dollar=1,200KRW)
4th prize(2 entries): 10 million KRW/ each entry (8,333 us dollars/ 1 us dollar=1,200KRW)
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