International Architecture Competition: Uyuni Salt Flat Sheltet

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The Uyuni Salt Flat Shelter contest presents a space where you can experience a period of rest and reflection. The project must highlight the uniqueness of the place and that it becomes a personal meeting space that relates its visitors to this spectacular environment, offering visitors a unique experience. In these bases the m2 of each area will not be defined, because it is understood that the designer himself, according to the unique idea that he proposes, will define these areas. The contest program proposes the following spaces, which can be expanded, simplified and manipulated by the contestant as he sees fit: All the ideas that are proposed will be valid. The project can be on the ground, in the sky, buried or flying. It can develop wherever you want and how it is created.
This program is indicative and therefore can be modified by the participant.
– Rest area and / or viewpoint, where you can experience nature. A space where to look, hear and feel. This space may be a single compact space or be fragmented, as well as aspects of accessibility and routes, including its variability over time. This area can be the night area if you want.
– Cleaning area. The minimum unit for it.
– Food Zone. This area can be shared, linked or even be the same as the rest area if desired.
As previously mentioned, the surface of the proposal is free and these spaces may be closed, open or semi-open depending on the intentions of each project, and may be established at any level of the enclave. Thus, there are no restrictions that can influence the decisions made by each participant. Project freedom is absolute, this contest proposes that the participant investigate the landscape and the different forms of intervention in it. Study limits, scales, views, crossed eyes, horizons, accesses. They are the keys to follow.