International Architectural Competition For The Development Of A Recreational Area In “Papushevo Park” Cottage Settlement

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An open international architectural competition for the development of a concept of a recreational area in Papushevo Park is now open.
The prize fund of the competition amounts to 1,000,000 rubles. Participation is free of charge.The competition is open to practicing architects, design bureaus from around the world, recent graduates and students, as long as the design submitted by the participant offers a unique and nonstandard solution, which balances infrastructure facilities and nature.Registration is open until 9 August 2021, the actual design work begins right after.

Participants are invited to prepare a proposal for the design and balanced development of the adjacent territory of the cottage settlement in the Moscow vicinity area. This territory is to provide the residents with a comprehensive, convenient environment and to become the center of attraction, increase the uniqueness factor, recognizability, and investment attractiveness of the cottage settlement, becoming its calling card.“We encourage the participants not to limit their imagination, but to rely on their personal and global experience in architecture, urban planning and landscaping. Nevertheless, there are several points, which, if observed, will be positively assessed when evaluating and identifying the winners. The first advantage of the project will be the concept preserving green spaces, clean air, and providing for an ecosystem. The second advantage will be the development of a unique and unusual solution that will increase the investment attractiveness of the settlement and make it stand out from the rest. The project should give clear and positive answer to the client’s question: “Why this place?” The third advantage will be efficient and rational logistics, ensuring functioning of different target audiences,” say the Competition organizers.Papushevo Park is a beautiful premium-class cottage settlement located at the 24th km of the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in Moscow Oblast. The total area of 58 ha of the settlement consists of more than 300 plots. The total development area is 3.7 ha. Design stage within the framework of the competition: architectural concept.
PRIZES:· 1st prize: 600,000 rubles;
· 2nd prize: 300,000 rubles;
· 3rd prize: 100,000 rubles.
The project of the winner shall be taken into further development for subsequent implementation according to the decision of the Organizer.DEADLINES:· Registration: 15 June to 9 August 2021.
· Publication of the introductory video: 16 July 2021.
· Announcing the members of jury: July 2021.
· Development of projects: 16 July to 9 August 2021 (not later than 11:59 pm Moscow time).
· Analysis of projects by jury: 10 August 2021, to 18 August 2021.
· Announcement of the results of the competition with the names of the winners: by 20 August 2021.
· Awarding the winners of the Competition: by 31 August 2021.

Competition organizer: OOO KONVERS (Papushevo Park cottage settlement, Russia)
Competition operator: ARCHITIME.RU web portal.
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We invite you to participate in a LARGE - SCALE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, the main task of which is to DEVELOP AN ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT OF a RECREATIONAL AREA in a cottage village. THE PRIZE FUND IS 1,000,000 rubles. Young professionals and students can take part in the competition along with practicing architects and studios from all over the world. The main thing is that the competition project offers an unusual and unique solution with a harmonious symbiosis of infrastructure and wildlife. Participation in the contest is open and free of charge.