Innovation at Home: Solutions for a Pandemic

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The focus of this design challenge is to imagine how we might make this world a healthier place through better hygiene behaviors. We want to tap into our boundless, childlike imaginations to create and innovate!
All of our lives changed in an instant with the emergence of COVID-19, and everyone is hyper-focused on supporting our loved ones and our community. We know that there are two things that will help keep us healthy during this time – washing our hands and keeping our hands off our faces. How might we encourage these practices with imaginative solutions? Additionally, children are out of school and have endless energy and creativity. How might we gather their wild ideas, too?
We are looking for imaginative solutions that encourage the healthy behaviors of washing our hands and keeping our hands off our faces to maintain our health today and going forward. This is a fast challenge and we’ll be posting submissions online as they come in. There will be two winners selected.
Want to hear more about the challenge and get your questions answered live? Sign up for our Q&A Webinar on April 22 at Noon EST. The webinar will be recorded and posted on the challenge website after the live event so you won't miss a thing!
Win up to $100 in the form of a gift certificate to a locally owned small business of your choice:

$100 – Prize 1: Face touching
$100 – Prize 2: Handwashing
Honorable mentions: Entries that do not win, but demonstrate a compelling concept or solution, may receive an honorable mention.

Submissions are due on May 8 by 11:59 p.m. EST. Learn more: