IAAC Architecture Scholarship Challenge 2021

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The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a center for research, education, production, and outreach, with the mission of envisioning the future habitat of our society and building it in the present.

IAAC follows the digital revolution at all scales (from bits to geography, from micro-controllers to cities, from materials to the territory) to expand the boundaries of architecture and design and meet the challenges faced by humanity. IAAC is an experimental and experiential centre where one learns by doing, through a test methodology that promotes real solutions. IAAC is an open, independent, and radical non-profit foundation, with 17 years of activity; inspired by the values of Barcelona, the capital of architecture and design, where urbanism was invented and where a local high quality and innovation-oriented research is connected to an international network of excellence in technology, architecture, and society fields.


The Master in Robotics & Advanced Construction (MRAC) trains a new generation of interdisciplinary professionals who are capable of facing our growing need for a more sustainable & optimized construction eco-system.

The Master is focused on the emerging design and market opportunities arising from novel robotic and advanced manufacturing systems challenging the traditional processes in the Construction Sector. Specifically, it investigates how advances in robotics and digital fabrication tools change the way we build and develop processes and design tools for such new production methods.

MRAC offers an international and multidisciplinary environment where engineers, designers, architects, craftsmen, academics, and industry partners have the opportunity to rethink the construction industry.


Design, Architecture, and Robots: Call for innovation

Premise - Propose a computational or digitally fabricated solution to envision how advanced robotic manufacturing systems can challenge traditional architectural processes and bring innovation to the design and construction industry. Applicants can choose the preferred location and scale in the submission.

Brief - Choose a purpose you are building for, it can be something for migrant crisis around the world - or - affordable rural housing - or - any real-world problem/opportunity technology-enabled construction can solve. Devise how machine-led fabrication can help humanity solve a real-world problem through automation and bring access to good architecture by modern methods and efficiency. This can be from your graduation project or conceived afresh for this competition.