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The thought of a home has been pushed and pulled throughout the history of time and is still being in a shift today. What it clearly indicates the definition is more of an idea that is malleable and changes for everyone. A residence and a home may be synonymous but not the same, A house and a home are synonymous but not the same. The idea of home changes from the place, people, culture, time, social conditions and countless other aspects. However between these entities it designers and architects continue to define and redefine it.
Home while representing a plurality of ideas, its impact on the end-user is extremely profound. As these times of distancing, our homes are the most permanent element in our lives and continues to influence lives much much more. It is the first and the most fundamental exercises served to architecture students even today and is a great playground to discus our belief of this pluralistic thought and its trends.


The design challenge is simple, show us what is home is to you? Use any mediums, video, images, drawings, sketches, models, paintings - and communicate what dwelling means to you and the client you designed it for. The design outcome shall include images 3-4 images, & a small concept statement of what the idea for the home is to you and how it is translated into the built form. The challenge is open for all architects, architecture students, interior designers, interior architects, visualizers, draughtsmen and creatives globally.

What do you believe will be the changed/adapted/transformed definition of home?


define: The first objective is to frame what is home to you in words and articulate it to define and disseminate its meaning.

represent: Visually reflect this definition into images depicting your idea and feel of a home.