‘Haiga’: Haiku, Calligraphy, Painting Competition Series

Registration date:


Submission date:




Submission Guidelines –

– Submissions are open to all enthusiasts and are welcome from all parts of the world.

– Maximum 2 entries per registration are allowed. Follow the link to Register

– The Haiku should be accompanied by an Illustration/Photograph or a Painting (optional).

– The hand crafted Illustration with Calligraphy and Painting of your ideas is a choice and could be drafted in a digital platform as well.

– If a photograph is supported with the Haiku, either it should be self-clicked or the proper credits of the Photographer should be mentioned.

– Each Haiku should have 17 syllables divided, in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively.

– The entry should be sent to the following email: haiga.competitions@gmail.com with the subject line: ‘Haiga’ Competition, 1st Cycle – Name of the Participant as a jpeg/png file with 14pt, Arial font/Calligraphy of choice, single-line spacing Haiku text typed upon the Illustration/Photograph/Painting

And the Haiku text (.doc file) + Illustration/Photograph/scanned painting attached separately without the haiku written/typed upon it as well with minimum 300 dpi and Image size of not less than 2 MB.

– The submission should include the payment screenshot as attachment in the email.

– Medium of Submission is English Language.

– All entrants must mention their social media handles with the submission (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

– The submission should be an original work of the entrant and will go through a plagiarism test.

– In addition to three winners, Honorable mentions if assigned by jury shall be featured.

– Only registered entries will be eligible to participate.


– Maria Aslam, Editor-in-Chief, Architecture – Design – Art (ADA)

-Pappal Suneja, Founder, Architectural Journalism & Criticism (AJC)

For Queries, Contact: haiga.competitions@gmail.com

Jury Panel

– Katja Klaus, Research Associate, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany

– Herve Matin, Graphic Designer & Artist, Paris, France

– Rupa Raje Gupta, Architect & Researcher, New Delhi

– Javed Jabbar, Screenwriter & filmmaker, Pakistan