Future Tractor Cabin: Innovation Project for the SDF Group

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Desall invites you to take part in an exciting innovation project for the SDF Group. Participants are invited to explore the needs of farm workers and to translate them into new project solutions for the interiors of the driver cabin, rethinking the instrument panels, dashboard and other elements.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

  • Product typology: you are invited to design the interiors of a driver cabin for mid-range tractors, keeping into consideration the main instrument panels and dashboards described below, also with a view to offering a product customizable in its details and finishes.
  • The concept you propose shall be characterized by a strong attitude towards innovation, by a new stylistic code and by an improved usability, taking into account the predefined elements (levers, buttons, etc.) and the mid-range target product (for ex. avoid entirely digital solutions), thus offering refined aesthetics and an optimal user experience.
  • Contest objective: you are required to develop a new concept for a mid-range tractor driver cabin, that shall provide for the innovative design of the various elements of the cabin, including actuators, knobs, command consoles, etc., by rethinking the whole aesthetics, the user interaction, the colours, the finishes, the liveability of the cabin environment and optionally even the commands layout.
  • Front instrument panel: includes some basic functions and commands for starting up the machine, a steering wheel and other elements, such as a speedometer, an emergency button, headlights adjustment toggle, etc.
  • The only element that shall remain untouched is the steering wheel (which falls outside the scope of the contest).
  • Lifter command dashboard (right side): it includes a series of control levers and actuators for the lifter. You cannot add commands/functions in this dashboard area, but you are nevertheless required to develop a new concept for the aesthetics/position/usability of the predefined command typology (es. control lever, button, etc.).
  • Multi-purpose accessory area (left side): this side currently hosts some basic comfort accessories, for example cup holder, etc. You are thus invited to suggest new functionalities and elements to improve the comfort and the user experience of the cabin (ex. USB plug for charging devices, fridge, multi-purpose compartment, etc.), keeping into consideration the new needs of today’s farmers.

Total Awards

  • €6000

Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old).