Future ShanShui City — Dwellings in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition(pre-announcement)

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1.Project Name
Future ShanShui City —
Dwellings in Lishui Mountains International Urban Design Competition

2. Project Location
At the riverside, Ou River, Liandu District, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province

3. Project Background
The ShanShui city in the new era is a major exploration of the ecological civilization, being an important carrier of the bright and Chinese-featured future life. At this time, we have the opportunity to work cooperatively to create a new ShanShui city that inherits the "spirit of the mountains and rivers"!

—ShanShui Context—
Ecological ShanShuis inherit the traditional Chinese perspectives towards nature and the universe. The ShanShui culture is a unique mark of Chinese civilization to the world. The beauty of ShanShuis was discussed since ancient times. At present, "ShanShui" has become a keyword for many Chinese-featured development concepts. The Chinese wisdom and Chinese plan with the "spirit of the mountains and rivers" may become China's significant contribution to global sustainable development issues in the future.

—Lishui Context—
Born with the "spirit of the mountains and rivers", raised with thousands of years’ inheritance in these natural elements, Lishui has formed its unique lifestyle and become a carrier of this abundant ShanShui culture. Lishui is the place of birth and earliest practice of the "two mountains theory" and assumes the responsibility for exploring the path of Chinese cultural self-confidence and ecological civilization with the construction of future ShanShui cities. Ou River, the mother river of Lishui, is also an indispensable part of the natural and cultural foundation for Lishui to build a future ShanShui city. From the eight hundred miles of the Ou River panorama to the eighty miles of the middle leisure block ShanShui, all are important form expressions and spatial components of this ShanShui city.

Based on the above background, organized by the People's Government of Lishui City, start from the riversides of the Ou River, integrate ShanShui culture into urban development, explore spatial patterns of future ShanShui cities, and compile an urban panorama of the Ou River banks. Now we are soliciting proposals from around the world!

4. Intention of the competition
The competition aims to look for contemporary solutions to inherit the Chinese ShanShui culture, to transform the traditional Chinese ShanShui spirit into a beautiful future-oriented life scene; to explore sustainable transformations of the value of ecological ShanShui, as well as to make “clear water and green mountains” become “golden water and Silver mountains".
We hope to gather the wisdom of outstanding global designers to build spatial models for future ShanShui cities, and create new ways of perceiving the ShanShui in modern society; guide the spatial form of strategic core urban area, serve the introduction of future industry and landmark architecture layout; and depict the scene of “Dwellings in Lishui Mountains ", which sets an example of the future ShanShui city in the global perspective.

5. Competition Scope and Design Brief
This competition includes two sections, which are conceptual urban design and detailed urban design.
—Conceptual Urban Design—
Scope: The overall range of 152 square kilometers in Dwellings in the Lishui Mountains.
Requirements: Inherit the concept of the development in ShanShui cities, study the symbiosis relationship between landscape and urban cities, and propose a conceptual urban design scheme for Dwellings in Lishui Mountains. It also requires urban researches at a macro level, proposes design concepts, and conducts overall space form design and urban identity formation; including the urban skyline, urban building massing, building height, color, and other urban design researches and spatial landscape expression. —Detailed Urban Design—
Scope: urban central core area + other regional key blocks
Among the above, the urban central core area is consists of four sites, including Guyan Village Painting, the wind of the Kuocang Mountain, the relics of the ancient city, and the charm of the four capitals, totaling 4.2 square kilometers. Other regional key blocks include Baiyan Storytelling, Lishui Valley, Jiulong Coloring, Bi Lake Farming, the gates of the mountains and rivers, allocating one of the five sites by random draw.
Requirement: Continue the functional positioning of each site, and carry out detailed urban design schemes for each of the five sites. Please highlight the characteristics of landscape architecture and express the scene of living in the landscape. Please also specifically convey the expression of spatial pattern, architecture form, public space, and traffic system, and put forward suggestions for control and guidance. 6. Registration Date
Interested design associations are welcome to sign up via e-mail. Please send your registration information to competition@archipractice.cn, and start to prepare for the competition. Please also keep yourself constantly informed for the follow-up information release.
Pre-registration information includes: contact name, telephone number, company name and relevant information.

—Official Registration—
Official registrations will start in early May, and it will be open for 60 days.
Note: Pre-sign-up is not a formal application. To attend the competition, you should send the application materials as required in the official announcement. While we will inform the pre-registration team by email when the official announcement submitted.

7. Competition Schedule
This competition consists of two stages.
The first stage is the short-listing stage for public registration and qualification review and selection of conceptual schemes, from early May to early July.
The second stage is the submission of formal proposals and competition review, from early August to early October.

8. Organizer
Organizer: Lishui Municipal People's Government
Contractor: Lishui Municipal Development and Reform Commission
Dwellings in Lishui Mountains' Project Planning and Construction Leading Group Office

9. Contact Us
Planning,execution and technical support:
Architectural Practice.
Tel: Ms. Li, +86-15618265030
(9:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00(UTC+8), Monday to Friday)
E-mail: competition@archipractice.cn

10. Competition Follow-up
The winner of the competition will be awarded the job of the subsequent design development of this landscape city project with high priority, be in charge of the overall urban design of the Dwellings in Lishui Landscape, and participate in the drawing and construction phases of the project.

Interested design associations are welcome to carry out relevant preparations in advance.

For upcoming competition information and data acquisition, please follow :
Lishui Release, Lishui Press, Lishui Online etc,
Architectural Practice(official WeChat Account),
Architecture and Urbanism (a+u),
and other architecture media.
And People.cn, Toutiao.com, Baidu News, Chinadaily, Sohu.com, NetEase News, IFENG.com, CRI Online, huanqiu.com, CCDOL.com etc.
And official WeChat Account of Dwellings in Lishuishanjutu.

* The specific requirements, agenda and schedule of this competition are subject to the officially issued competition documents.