Free Workshop: Sustainability in Architecture by Architerrax

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Sustainability in architecture addresses the negative environmental and social impacts of buildings by utilizing design methods, materials, energy, and development spaces that are not detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem or communities. The philosophy is to ensure that the actions taken today do not have a negative consequence for future generations and comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

The workshop provides a thematic overview of sustainability and green buildings, and emphasizes on sustainability concepts, practices and metrics related to the built environment which can be utilized by students for academic design projects. It focuses on how to incorporate sustainable design practices in one’s own design- encompassing strategies concerning site selection, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, and materials and resources, among others. Examples of academic design projects and professional architectural proposals will be used to discuss these strategies. The workshop will also briefly look at the tools and softwares used for climate analysis.

To allow for a healthy flow of information between the speaker and the participants, Q&A will remain open throughout the course of the presentation