FlexiPod Architecture Summer Design Competition

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Drawing of a man assembling a wooden shelter

In response to the current need for more localized travel, the competition challenge is to design a flat-pack traveling ‘pod’ no larger than 20sqm that can fit into a 1m x 3m bike trailer when disassembled. Participants are encouraged to express their personalities through their choice of programme and location. The pod could cater to any activity that they would want to pack up and take with them when travelling. As long as the structure can be disassembled, the programme is open for interpretation. A suggested list of sustainable building materials will be provided for participants to choose from, however the materials can be adapted to suite the country that the pod is based in.

​The purpose of the competition is to push young architects to consider the positive impact of choosing to build temporary mobile structures which have the lightest possible impact on the land and can have multiple uses, rather than multiple permanent structures which will one day be knocked down and create more harmful waste. The competition also encourages participants to think with a circular economy mind-set when choosing materials to use and methods of construction. The submission will be in the format of one A3 image including the overall design and details of each material chosen.


This competition is open to young architects and architecture students. No professional qualification is required. The competition winners will work in collaboration with the Architects of Arts and Creatives Designs to develop and complete the chosen design. Participants may enter individually or in teams of 2.


  • 1st Place:
    • Monetary Prize
  • 2nd Place:
    • A choice of two resource packs – Archihacks
    • A copy of the 1 Hour Crit Workbook – To Scale
    • Mentoring from Daniel Horowitz, founder of Architecture is Free Foundation, from New York City
  • 3rd Place:
    • A choice of one resource pack – Archihack
    • A copy of the 1 Hour Crit Workbook – To Scale