Fast Archi Challenges – quarantine

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Concept These are small creative challenges that we will launch regularly. We are talking about projects, illustration, photography, sketches, design, video among others, but they all have the architecture in common. Here you will test all your skills and discover some that you didn't know you had! It's your time!
Photography is present in each of us today. Through the mobile phone we learned to be photographers and to edit beautiful photographs to post on our social networks or even frame on the wall of our room.
But photography can be much more than that, especially when we talk about architectural photography. Here, we have to be able to capture the space, the concept behind the building, the valorization of light and shadow, the detail ... Schedule and Fees Registration period: April 18th until May 10th Registration fee - €5-1photo; €7,5-2photos; €10–3photos; €12,5-4photos; €15-5 photos; Competition date: May 9th to May 10th Evaluation period: May 11th until May 15th Winner announcement: May 16th The competition begins on May 8th 23:59 and ends at May 10th 23:59 (London GMT + 0:00) Prize Money Smart and fair economy! We use this financial model as a guarantee that's all works, and everyone´s involved in the competition received their monetary compensation. The company keeps going with his challenges and put the thinkers and creatives active in this role of making the planet a better place to live!
The prize money is directly related to the number of entries, the more entries the bigger the prize. The registration fees will be distribute by this way: 50% for the prize money, 20% for juries, 30% for IF.
The minimum prize amount is double of the maximum registration fee and there is no limit amount.MORE INFO: