En Plain Air

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En Plein Air written over blue sky

Over the past few months we have been forced to spend most of our days indoors, often with little or limited range of motion. The desire to spend moments of our day also outside invites us to imagine new objects that can be in support of a new period in which open-air spaces become the setting for multiple work, leisure or meeting activities.

Architects, designers, artists, craftsmen, creatives are called to design and model an object for going back to outdoor living. The winning projects will be built and exhibited by Atelier Mobile.

Designers are challenged to create an object that can be used for outdoor living in a period divided between social-distancing and the desire to return to live in public spaces. The object must be selfbuildable, easy to assemble, with limited dimensions and cost, recyclable (or composed by
elements that can be reused even individually) and transportable. The object must have one or more defined functions and a clear use to respond to concrete needs.

Submission Requirements

Gallery of 5 images (.pdf, max. 10MB overall size, ratio 4:3)

  1. Iconic image of the object, its title and short description (max. 280 characters including spaces), designer(s) name(s) and surname(s)
  2. List of elements composing the object and their zenith photo
  3. Prototype (1:1 scale), photo of the disassembled object
  4. Prototype (1:1 scale) photo of the assembled object
  5. Photos of the object’s prototype showing its use(s)
  • Assembly instructions, A3 landscape panel (.pdf, max. 5MB), explanation by a sequence of operations
  • List of costs, A4 portrait table (.pdf, max 1MB)
  • Application form
  • Designer(s) data and disclaimers (.pdf, downloadable together with the brief)


Open to creative talents of any nationality, aged 18 or over.