Desita Award 2020: Gelato & Pizza Experience

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Desita and Desall are glad to announce the launch of the new edition of the DESITA AWARD – GELATO & PIZZA EXPERIENCE, taking the international call for ideas to its 6th edition. The award addresses the international community of designers and creatives, fully embracing the values of the open innovation methodology, inviting them to rethink the whole experience related to the sectors of gelato and pizza, which represent two remarkable examples of the Italian know-how and tradition in the food-sector.

The award consists of two main categories, GELATO EXPERIENCE and PIZZA EXPERIENCE, each covering three different project typologies:
-Tools and Packaging
-Delivery service

The Award is sponsored by: Barilla (food), Di Battista (packaging), Grottini (design & build), L&S Light (technical lighting) and Sboccia (food).

Desita is specialized in the food&retail sector, in a segment that is extremely focused on strategic consulting and integrated design to support enterprises interested in creating concepts and/or developing existing business formats, through replicable, memorable and economically sustainable solutions.

Since 2004 works at International level acquiring a deep experience all over the MENA region, particularly in the GCC countries developing hundreds of projects especially in Dubai.
Nowadays, collaborate with brands like Unilever, Barilla, Grom among many others.
Thanks to the great people met in 5 continents Desita has expanded its know-how, partnerships and friendships being able to perform at its best on any challenge merging the qualities of its network under a common goal.

DESITA aims are:
– Supporting young designers and innovators in their process of growth and technical expertise in building collaborative relationships and learning both individually and collectively;
– Providing designers and innovators an opportunity for visibility to expand within an international market;
– Translating their ideas into marketable prototypes.