Cottage Village: Papushevo Park International Competition

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Aerial view of Papushevo Park

Global environmental problems and deteriorating living conditions in big cities are forcing humanity to look for a more comfortable living environment. Many megacity residents move to the country hoping for a different quality of life. Many opt for cottage settlements in the immediate vicinity of their city. On the one hand, this allows them to be close to nature and on the other hand, to stay in touch with their office, relatives and friends, and, more importantly, to remain a part of their familiar community.

However, although living in a country, in the heart of nature and near the city solves many problems, it does not provide an exhaustive answer. Balanced life outside the city requires a high-quality, well-developed infrastructure. This competition is dedicated to the development of such an infrastructure.

Participants are invited to prepare a proposal for the design and the balanced development of the adjacent territory of the cottage settlement. This territory is to provide the residents with a balanced, comfortable environment and to become the center of attraction, increase the uniqueness factor, recognizability and investment attractiveness of the cottage settlement, becoming its calling card.

The concept requires such a symbiosis of infrastructure facilities (a place of leisure, entertainment, essential facilities) and wildlife that would harmoniously fit into the village itself. Thus, on the one hand, it is necessary to achieve compliance with the standard of living which inhabitants of modern cities are accustomed to and, on the other hand, emphasize all the advantages that countryside life offers.

Submission Requirements

  • General layout sketch. Scale 1:2000, or another readable one, at the discretion of the author. Format: DWG + PDF (300 dpi).
  • Visualization or a drawing of the developed area from a bird’s eye view (2 angles). Format: PDF/JPG (300 dpi), size along the long side – 2000 to 4000 pixels.
  • Basic infrastructure facilities (an entrance ensemble; a square with an art object/fountain/pond; a park area; a children’s educational facility).
  • Draft first plan of each object and infrastructure matched by size. Scale 1:500, or another readable one, at the discretion of the author. Format: DWG + PDF (300 dpi).
  • Visualization or a drawing of each of the infrastructure object.
  • An explanatory note with a description and a conceptual baseline of the concept.



The competition is open for individuals over 18 years of age (architects, designers, students of specialized educational facilities), and legal entities (design teams, architectural workshops, and design bureaus) from all over the world. Individual and group participation is allowed, including as part of multidisciplinary teams.


  • 1st Prize: 600,000 Rubles
  • 2nd Prize: 300,000 Rubles
  • 3rd Prize: 100,000 Rubles

The project of the participant who took 1st place shall be taken into further development for subsequent implementation according to the decision of the Organizer.