Concusrso Inspiration Hostel Competition 2021

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Concurso Inspiration Hostel 2021

OPENGAP organizes the ninth edition of this open ideas competition seeking for innovative, cutting-edge, contemporary, proposals regarding a new concept for artistic inspiration spaces. Participants are invited to design a place focused on the rental of spaces that motivate creativity and concentration, allowing users to focus, inspire and develop their artistic ideas.

Each participant or team will define the location of their project, however, the proposal must justify the choice of the location.

Submission Requirements

The proposal submission will consist of two digital panels in .jpg format, RGB colour mode, not bigger than 5MB each.

These images must contain all graphic and written information required for the proposal. The resolution, the scale of the drawings and text size of these images should be checked as these will eventually be printed on paper size DIN A2 (59.4cm X 42cm) horizontal format.

Given these parameters, the minimum font size included in the proposal text should be 10 points.

Any technique or form of graphic expression may be used to explain the proposal. Any description in wording (or numbering) should be included within the submitted images in English or Spanish only.

No other documentation may be sent except for the 2 digital images.


The competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and to people around the world interested in the topic. Competitors can subscribe individually or as a team of maximum of 5 people.


1st Place: 2000 EUR
2nd Place: 1000 EUR
3rd Place: 500 EUR