Competition to Design a Playground – E – For the kids of GenZ

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Playgrounds have been an integral part of our path of growth right from childhood since ages. They are the place, which allows practically no limits for a child to be themselves while offering a safe zone while they continue to be so. Where the world is entirely designed for adults the playgrounds are the social space for kids to engage with kids of their age.
This clearly is the single biggest advantage of any growing up journey, which cannot be compensated by parents, videos or devices. A child requires a lot of activity, not only mental but physical, social sided spheres to engage. And with passing times these spaces are losing relevance.

The design is to develop a model playground that has the ability for children to play in the times of today. The design exercise can be considered as an update to the traditional playground. This update can involve better furniture, landscape design, technologies or systems that use hybrid mediums and games to keep them engaged.

Elements/Features: Designing unique elements and furniture that align with the new playground ideas.
-Multi-Activity: Create setups that serve not just one kind of play but the ability to be multidimensional in the short term to retain interest.
-Safety/Durability: To build setups that are safe and durable for long term outdoor use.
-Updates: How the setup can be changed in the longer run by adding or rolling out new features in the future?

The entries will be judged by an international jury of the competition on the following criteria:
-Presentation: The fundamental to a good entry is a visual delivery of ideas.
-Concept/Idea: Quality of thought and intent in the pre-design phase.
-Spaces/Programme: How the spaces are calculated and ordered.
-Design Outcome The final architectural outcome of the solution.
The judging panel can also add other criteria based on their internal discussions – which will be in line with the problem statement. Participants are advised to fulfil above given criteria first in their design. Names of the jury panel will be announced soon.

Winners of this competition will get annually published with us in our e-yearbook and annual publications.