Competition: Reborn From The Ashes

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After the crisis that has just gone through the world, several questions will have to be asked of decision-makers, in particular the conditions of confinement in very narrow dwellings and devoid of living spaces or confinements elsewhere.

Private or public outdoor spaces are also lagging behind in view of partial containment Living spaces for relaxing work and other shops have proven their limit in facing this pandemic and therefore the next.

The idea competition is a kind of white paper for future generations who will have to face more deadly crises than those already experienced. The car will no longer have its place in ten years which suggests that the current parking spaces would be dedicated to other functions

Sickle energies will be abandoned for their rarity or ineffectiveness, which suggests that households should obtain other sources of energy Human reflexes will be modified and more people would spend their time at home so the notion of street and the philosophy of mobility will have to be rethought.

The drone, an essential element of tomorrow's life, will take up more space in people's lives, so it would be wise to reverse current reflexes. Should we think of housing spaces at the bottom of the buildings and the workspaces above?

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