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Bowen Island Community Hub

Location: Bowen Island, BC, CanadaElevation: 300 m. (the front/east side is 300m and the back/west side is 99 mLot Area: 32,75 sqmProject Buildings’ Area: 16000 sqmNumber of Floors: 2 floors

Background:Bowen Island is located just off West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Incorporated as a municipality on December 4th, 1999, Bowen Island, the "happy isle", has earned its reputation as a laid-back island retreat. The population of around 3,400 is largely comprised of artists, with a good dose of "high-society rural" residents (those who can afford the good life but appreciate the simplicity of island living).

Bowen Island Community Hub

The Objective:

Bowen Island is like a virgin island with single family houses (small buildings) spread in within the green forest. Nature’s healing power is in abundance at this island and the expectation is to stay the same with more common community activities.For a long time, Islanders have envisioned a place where community can better flourish, and residents’ lives are enriched in multiple and profound ways. Bowen Island people are looking forward to having a hive of gathering and recreation activities for their small intimate community. The community is looking forward to having a contemporary creative design that fits in the island while reflecting the current biophilic feel, blending the building with its surroundings.

Space Program6,200 sqft Community Spaces4,000 sqft Art Spaces2,200 sqft Recreational4,000 sqft Municipal Office

60% lot coverage10’ minimum setback from all directions

Requirements and ActivitiesThe Community Centre will bring under one roof recreational facilities, arts programs and spaces, interactive theater, and urgently needed community facilities for a growing population. The community facilities is to take classes, hold meetings, and throw parties. It is to seek services and solutions - or just some friendly company on a rainy afternoon. It's a place to welcome all. A home for Islanders to connect and nurture a sense of belonging through programs aimed at enhancing health and wellness. A key attribute is its accessibility to Bowen Island green forests, and existing recreation facilities such as the open fields, tennis court and bike park. No car parking in this lot.

Criteria for Success-Innovative concepts -Inviting building/buildings-Vibrant urban space/spaces -Contextual design related to the island’s nature and architecture (traditional houses with no big buildings)

Submissions:Three A1 sheets including plans and 3Ds. PDF file to be uploaded with maximum 15 MB

Submission Fee:Non Students $35, Free for studentsEligibility: Eligible for all

Registration Deadline: 1st June 2021 Submission Deadline: 25th June 2021Upload your fileWinners will be announced on July 20th 2021

Prizes: First place winner: $250First 5 winners: will be featured in the magazine and given certificates

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