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Great public spaces are places that bring people together. They are an expression of who we are as citizens and where the physical interacts (unites) with the ephemeral. They are the theatre for our public lives to play out – where we encounter the rhythm of the everyday as well as the unscripted and spontaneous moments. Performances can be serendipitous, awe-inspiring, rebellious, or just imbued with the comfort of familiarity.

Drawing on the unique character that tethers a place to its location, enduring public spaces are forged from their history and cultural traditions. When they become part of the fabric of our lives – where memories are created and connections felt – we fall in love with our city and public spaces that we connect with undergo a transformation.

Civic is the retail and entertainment heart of Canberra.
The City Renewal Authority (the Authority) is leading the ACT Government’s program to revitalise central Canberra, encouraging greater social interaction, economic growth and diversity of activity. Giving Civic a new beat is an important part of reaching this vision. By adopting a people-focused and design led approach to curating high-quality places, the Authority wants Civic to be the retail and visitor destination of choice and returned it to its rightful place as the beating heart of our great city.

Pavilions are temporary structures that provide a place for people to gather and offer an experience that sparks conversation and sharing of knowledge, as well as social connection. They also have the potential to bring more people into the city centre resulting in a richer place experience where social and economic benefits flow to the local businesses nearby and the community as a whole.

Brief : As part of the revitalisation of Civic, the Authority wants to create two small-scale pavilions in Garema Place and City Walk. The Authority is seeking design ideas for transportable, semi-permanent, multi-functional pavilion(s) that act as a programmable public space and a ‘magnet’ for either Garema Place or City Walk.