Cocoon – Power Nap and Meditation Studio

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Every human body requires a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep for overall health, well-being and productivity. But unfortunately, sleeping has become a luxury. In fact, so many people aren’t getting enough sleep, that CDC declared it as a public health emergency. 40% of employees experience sleep loss in the US, an overworked Brit doesn’t sleep once a week and the epidemic is so serious in Japan that workers sometimes die due to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to health problems, body fatigue and lack of efficiency.
Modern work schedules often force us to override our normal sleep patterns with more than 43% of workers feeling regularly sleep-deprived. Even if offices mobilize employees to take rest by designing spaces, the perception of sacrificing one’s personal need for benefit of the company is considered monetary rewarding.

EBrief: is to design a meditation and power nap studio for 100 people. While primarily it provides an opportunity for people to nap, at other hours it will act as a medication hub where classes in regards will be held.

With time people have started realizing the importance of mental and emotional health. It shouldn’t be a luxury that is looked down upon. But more so a necessity that people should be able to exercise. UNI launched competitions exploring how design can intervene in creating space for rest, medication and peace
Pause – Design a place for contemplation in Japan where an individual can escape from all the stress and anxiety through meditation.