CHIPPERFIELD, SEJIMA, TRESOLDI: Discover internships and lectures of “Architecture for Heritage” – 2020 edition

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YACademy – EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES FACING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCYDue to the recent pandemic situation, despite the courses should be held between September 2020 and January 2021, YAC has taken extraordinary measures for the best performance of its activities and to facilitate access to its courses, in accordance to safety criteria and participation in the courses from remote connection. For more information, we invite to read the rules of the course.
Architects have always been asked to breathe new life into ancient architectures inherited from the past or into historical – often monumental – artifacts that no longer respond to the customs and needs of the contemporary society.
Nevertheless, the ancient architectures tell our story, therefore deserve to be restored with interventions that bring along a hint of modernity and show the trace of the design activity. The “Architecture for Heritage” course has been created on these premises.
Its aim is training designers who will be able to understand and enhance the memory of historical architectures and take inspiration from them to carry out new interventions that both meet the new needs and are enriched by the link to the past. In a close dialogue between the ancient and the modern, between existing architectures and new interventions, it is possible to comprehend what has been and what is now, redesigning – through architecture – a historical line bound to be continued by future generations.
The students will learn about the most advanced survey strategies and redesign of historical architectures; therefore, they will be able to protect the ancient wonders without giving up on a contemporary approach to the project. They will acquire skills and experience in a field of design that is always present and offers continuous and valuable job opportunities.
The students will analyze the technical and compositional strategies to adopt in contexts that host outstanding existing architectures through the intervention on archaeological and industrial sites and focusing mainly on the accommodation and cultural use of historical buildings. The course will be made up of 90 hours of lessons, a 32-hour workshop and multiple lectures by well-renowned professional architects.
At the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration within the partner studios.YACADEMYYAC is an association which promotes architectural competitions aimed at fostering culture and design research. Over the years, YAC has broadened s experience of work and collaboration with the main architectural firms of contemporary architecture, dealing with diverse and numerous topics of architectural design. Nowadays, YAC’s expertise can serve young designers better, providing them with the creation of high-level educational programs aimed at polishing the skills of the students and offering them a valuable connection to the labour market. Thanks to the close relationship with internationally renowned professional and academic actors, YACademy is the perfect frame within which complete or specialize one’s skills, and create a significative link with the most internationally-renowned architectural firms. The location of the courses, also available from remote connection since 2020, are the prestigious headquarters of YACademy: a medieval building located in the heart of Bologna’s historical city center, close to the Two Towers and next to Piazza Santo Stefano; namely, one of the most picturesque areas of the city. SPECIAL LECTURESEDOARDO TRESOLDI Ghosts of architecture: the Paleochristian Basilica in SipontoFOKKE MOEREL | MVRDVMaterial contemporaneity: Chanel Crystal House BENEDETTA TAGLIABUE | EMBT MIRALLES TAGLIABUESewing up the urban fabric: Santa Caterina MarketALBERTO VEIGA | BAROZZI VEIGAElegance and discontinuity: Ribera del Duero GIUSEPPE ZAMPIERI | DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS MILANOBehind the scenes in Venice: Procuratie Vecchie KAZUYO SEJIMA | SANAAContemporaneity in modernity: New Modern Art NYC STEFANO RUSSO | RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOPRedefining the skyline: The Shard JOÃO LUÍS CARRILHO DA GRAÇA | CARRILHO DA GRAÇA ARQUITECTOSBuilding upon ruins: Evora Historical Centre
WORKSHOP DESIGN OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF DESIGN AMONG THE RUINS OF THE ROCCA DEI CONTI GUID FORTRESS IN MODIGLIANAFrancesca Singer | SANAAThe workshop will represent a practical opportunity to test and recapitulate all the notions learned during the other lessons. It will offer strategic solutions concerning a real architectural project. The course will be conducted in collaboration with Agenzia del Demanio - the Italian Government Real Estate Agency - and the Municipality of Modigliana. Students will be given the opportunity to work on the Rocca dei Conti Guidi, a symbolic architecture of a medieval village that lays on the promontory between the Tramazzo and Ibola rivers. Due to a very strong production chain in the field of furniture that is locally present, the Municipality would like the fortress repurposing to be oriented towards the establishment of an international school of architecture and design: here, protected by a medieval architecture, in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine, a campus of excellence will welcome young talents guided by the brightest stars of architecture and product design. Modigliana is picturesque and characterized by some very fascinating views (e.g. the famous Ponte della Signora) and is the ideal background for design reflections that combine memory with a contemporary intervention. In order to get to know the site from close, students will be granted the opportunity to spend three days of stay and lessons in Modigliana.
LESSONSCASE HISTORY - Successful examples of restoration of historical architectures| 8 HOURSAndrea Zamboni | Zamboni Associati ArchitetturaART AND RUINS - Artistic languages as the tool to enhance historical architectures | 8 HOURSGianandrea Gazzola | ArtistaCONCEPT DESIGN - The genesis of a design idea | 8 HOURSMassimo Alvisi | Alvisi Kirimoto + PartnersSUBURBAN SCENARIOS - Urban reactivation and enhancement of the recent past| 8 HOURSMatteo Agnoletto | Università di BolognaTHE NEW FRONTIER OF SURVEY - Standard and cutting-edge techniques of architectural survey | 8 HOURSGiuseppe Boselli | Geogrà srlMULTIMEDIA FOR HERITAGE - New digital languages to serve the enhancement of historical heritage| 6 HOURSAndrea Gion | DrawlightHANDLING HISTORY - Theoretical theories and possible approaches for restoration | 12 HOURSPierluigi Cervellati | Studio CervellatiTRADITIONAL BUILDING TECHNIQUES - Practices and theoretical references for masonry from the Middle-Age until the Modern Age| 6 HOURSEdoardo Currà | Università Sapienza di RomaTHE DISCIPLINE OF HISTORICAL HERITAGE - Experiences of repurposing of the Italian historical heritage | 4 HOURSFrancesca Graziani | Agenzia del DemanioTHE ANCIENT IS SUSTAINABLE - Principles of environmental and energy sustainability for historical architecture | 6 HOURSEdoardo Milesi | Edoardo Milesi & ArchosTECHNOLOGIES AND MATERIALS FOR HERITAGE RENOVATION - Products, solutions and materials that enhance ancient heritage| 16 HOURSPartner companies
INTERNSHIPAt the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration with some of the studios better matching the topic of the course, with the likes of: MVRDV – ALVISI KIRIMOTO + PARTNERS – CARRILHO DA GRAÇA ARQUITECTOS - DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS MILANO – ZAMBONI ASSOCIATI ARCHITETTURA – EDOARDO TRESOLDI – EMBT MIRALLES TAGLIABUE – BAROZZI VEIGA – OMA – JEAN NOUVEL DESIGN
PARTNERIn collaboration with:AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI - MANNI GROUP - TERREAL - URBAN UP l UNIPOLFor more information visit: www.yacademy.itContact:

Modigliana, aerial view

Rocca dei Conti Guidi, main tower

Ponte della Signora, Modigliana

YACademy campus, credits YAC srl