Canva – Mural Design Competition

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The Indian city of Vijayawada is one of the fastest developing urban centers, not only in the country but globally too. Vivaan by KMV Group, one of the fast-growing real estate developers in the region of Andhra Pradesh, India, is an ultra-modern mixed development project comprising of both luxury villas and vertical living.

KMV Vivaan’s design has recurring motifs drawn from sacred geometry dotting its villas and other facilities. The flower of life, formed with nineteen overlapping circles envisages that geometry and has been used extensively as a visual symbol and a design element with the intention of evoking the same profundity. An opulent, signature clubhouse, located right at the entrance of the complex, is Vivaan’s hub of amenities, get togethers, and social camaraderie, and presents with itself a unique design opportunity that ‘Canva’ wishes to manifest.

A sectional view of the Club House reveals that its unique inwardly curved roof profile gives way to an incremental floor profile above, that the design utilizes to form amphitheater-like steps, revealing a blank wall adjoining the steps behind. With a curved top and a stepped base, the wall proves to be an opportunity for graphic intervention, a blank canvas to additionally engage people and residents gathered on the terrace, to reflect the spirit of Vivaan, and to actively multiply the visual imagery and motifs that guide the design of the complex.

The brief is to design graffiti for the specified wall of the terrace floor of the Club House building in the Vivaan township by the KMV Group. Artists, graphic/visual designers, architects, and designers willing to engage with visual media and art are all invited to the competition.
The graffiti is intended not merely to adorn the blank space formed by the design of the building, but to enhance it as an important space for communication and reflection as well. The graffiti must also be reflective of a strong concept, in theory, derived from the concepts of sacred geometry, natural fractals, and the like. The outcome of the competition is to be a digital mural/graffiti/visual design specific to the designated space, proportionate, and to scale.