Call for Submissions-The Urban Rhetoric_Issue3_March 2021

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The Urban Rhetoric-"The Urban Rhetoric” is a bi-annual initiative by Innovature Research and Design Studio [IRDS] to create a platform for discussion and act as a catalyst in recreating the future of urbanism and urban development in India. We aim to do so with the help of an academic magazine with essays that inspire the agenda for future urbanism.We invite all creative individuals to send us submissions in the form of articles/photographs/art pieces/illustrations . Selected works shall be published in TUR_Issue3_March 2021_Spatial Chronicles.ISSUE3_MARCH2021_SPATIAL CHRONICLESTheme-As today's urban environment treads closer to the upcoming challenge posed by the post-pandemic lifestyle choices on existing planning and design ideologies; "Spatial Chronicles" attempts to serve as a platform to discuss and rethink the current notions and practices in urban planning, design, and architecture, and comprehend the appropriate response to these challenges. Few of the many issues that can be foreseen have been listed below:
An interruption in global travel and exchange of goods leading to the demise of globalization.The response of the informal sector towards their neglected and dense working and living scenarios.Rethinking of public space design as a response to the new norms of safety and hygiene.Cultural and lifestyle responses to the new scales of spatial perception. (example: a traditional mall concept versus an open mall concept) and hence the shift in the cultural perception of the built form.Perception and relevance of physical space in duality of existence (physical and virtual presence).Your submissions are expected to revolve around but not limited to the issues mentioned above.Submission Format-Articles: 750 - 1500 words, word document(.doc format)Photograhps/ Illustrations/ Artpieces/ Sketches: JPEG format - 600 DPIPrice -Articles: INR 1000Photograps/ Illustrations/ Artpieces/ Sketches: INR 500 (to be paid only after your work is selected)Submission Deadline-30th November 2020Send us your submissions at tur@innovatureindia.comFor more details visit