Call for Submissions: Design of the Amphitheater in Burkina Faso.

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The Theatre Populaire Idea(l) is an open student competition of architectural, artistic and design ideas for the sustainable rehabilitation of deserted green amphitheater at the complex of the “Centre de Développement Chorégraphique” La Termitiere in the city center of Ouagadougou, in Burkina Faso. The emphasis is placed on innovative, respectful, courageous visions valorizing the local potentials and materials.

The idea to launch Theatre Populaire Idea(l), an open student competition of sustainable architectural, artistic and design ideas, is based on eager to come up with innovative, respectful, courageous visions valorizing the local potentials and materials while communicating to the largest public possible. It is believed that a public building with such value and openness as the Theatre Populaire Desiré BONOGO should benefit from the openness of ideas, the scope of professional discussions, transparency, visibility, and media attention. The idea competition is an obvious answer to this challenge, a common practice in a democratic society. The Theatre Populaire Idea(l) and Inspireli want to promote respect to the local realities, sustainability, resilience, excellence in design and architecture, transparency, and credibility of the selection process. The CDC would like to appeal to students of architecture, design, civil engineering, landscape architecture, theatre, scenography and fine arts from Burkina Faso, the sub-region, Africa or the whole world, to all who have conscious visions for the theatre of tomorrow and want to meaningfully address the respective causes of climate change and anticipate its future impacts.

CONCERNED DISCIPLINE(S) Architecture, set design, landscape architecture, civil engineering, sculpture, graphic design, theatre, scenography, fine arts.

COMPETITION OBJECTIVES 1. Diversifying the artistic, architectural and design points of view in the discussion of the sustainable rehabilitation of the Theatre Populaire, and in the whole field of sustainable architecture and design in general in Burkina Faso 2. Introducing a public discussion about the sustainability in architecture, design, and urbanism in global and individual scale and Providing the community with a conscious, inspiring, original and innovative stimulus to discover, learn and discuss 3. Introducing a dialog with the municipality and respective ministries about the Rehabilitation of the Theatre Populaire IN REAL

COMPETITION SCHEDULE • July 15, 2020 Termination of registration for the competition • July 16, 2020 Start of voting in the semifinals • July 31, 2020 Announcement of finalists in three (four) categories • August 1, 2020 Start of voting in the final • August 15, 2020 Jury management meeting at the CTU in Prague • October 1, 2020 Announcement of the winners • October 10, 2020 Gala ceremony, STU in Bratislava

INTERNATIONAL JURY BY CDC • Salia Sanou + Seydou Boro – artistic directors of CDC • TBD - renowned architect from Burkina Faso • TBD – renowned urbanist, architect or researcher from Ouagadougou • Jakub Cigler – renowned architect from Prague with a reputation for the landscaping accent • Odile Sankara – playwright, actress, drama director • Aristide Tarnagda – playwright, director of Recreatrales • TBD – representant of the Ordre des Architectes au Burkina • Member of the municipality of Ouagadougou (woman) • Member from the Ministry of Culture of Burkina Faso (woman)

PRIZES • 1 st – 2000 EUR • 2 nd – 1500 EUR • 3 rd – 1000 EUR

Beside de prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, there is a possibility to assign 2 honorable mentions and there will be special prizes assigned by the dancers from CDC (The CDC Dance prize), by the public (The CDC Public prize) and for the special attention to the environment (The CDC Green prize), The winner will be awarded by full ArchiCAD software from Inspireli, the Lego model of his/her design, powered by LEGO Architecture.

The author’s name of the winning proposal will be written on the Amphitheatre building in case of realization, together with the name of his / her university on the object

PUBLICATION The competition entries will become the property of Inspireli and CDC and may be published and exhibited. Inspireli and CDC will respect and acknowledge the copyright of the participants.

EXHIBITION OF SELECTED WORKS will be offered online and in CDC, and in selected partner´s galleries to the population and the municipality of Ouagadougou, to explore, to learn, to get inspired, and to experience the futuristic sustainable rehabilitation as a resilient city constructive tool. +the elaboration of the catalog of the exhibition with points important for the future research of the technical and financial partners to rehabilitate the theatre in real.