Call For Submissions: “Body + Performance”

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Architecture performs through bodies. Itsconceptualization entails choreographingbodily movements. Drawings are spatialscripts, to which bodies perform inconformity, transgression, re-appropriation, orindifference. Performances can be corporeal orphenomenological, planned or spontaneous,everyday or a singularity. They chargearchitecture with vibrant energies disruptingthe exigencies and politics of built spaces.The 10th issue of Room One Thousand,“Body + Performance,” seeks for performanceto expand and challenge our understanding ofarchitecture and its impact. Performance canbe understood as an object, phenomenon,commodity, or metaphor. The convergenceof architecture and performance capturesthe corporeality, tactility, and sensuality ofa space. How can architecture be readthrough the lens of performance? Who is theperformer, the building or the body? Whatare the design implications of highlightingthe agency and plurality of bodies? Whathappens when architectural practice shiftsfrom performance to production? How canperformance be a methodology in design?

Submission GuidelinesWe invite essays and design articles fromarchitects, scholars, artists, and activists thatcritically engage with the question of “bodyand performance” in architecture. Articles arerecommended to be 600-2000 words in length,and can be published as text or photo essays.Contributions may range from research papersto opinion pieces, and built work to speculativeprojects. Contributors are encouraged todemonstrate techniques and methodologiesin meticulous detail. We seek provocativeapproaches and value expertise and rigor.To submit a proposal, please email thefollowing in one (1) pdf document– Title– Author name and bio (50 words max)– Abstract describing context, argument,format (text or photo essay), and lengthof your proposed contribution (300words max)– Design or writing samples and websiteurls (optional)Visit for more info

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