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Here You are kindly invited to participate in a competition to provide the Architectural Concept and all associated services described herein as the Concept Designer for Zugló-Városközpont in Budapest, Hungary.

1. Introduction1.1 The InvestorThe investor is the Zugló-Városközpont Ltd. owned as a project company by BAYER CONSTRUCT Zrt. that is a group of companies mainly in Hungarian ownership that offers complex construction and real estate services.BAYER CONSTRUCT was established in 2002, when the company’s main profile was reinforced concrete construction in Hungary.

As of today, BAYER CONSTRUCT deals with complete construction project implementation, general contracting, building material production and complex real estate development. BAYER CONSTRUCT is active both in Hungary and in international markets as well.Due to its own industrial site and preparation facilities, state-of-the-art machinery, privately owned construction equipment and highly educated staff with international experience, the Company is able to realize complex assignments.BAYER CONSTRUCT offers complex construction and real estate solutions that guarantee their clients’ satisfaction both in Hungary and in international markets.

1.2 Project Overview1.2.1 Overview of the wider neighborhoodThe district XIV where the project is located is a large and mixed neighbourhood, both with densely built communist era style high-rise apartments and decently kept suburban style detached homes. It is also one of the greenest districts of Budapest, with Városliget, the City Park that is located at the western part of the district. The district has an average population size in relation to other districts with cca. 125,000 inhabitants. The purchasing power of the district has improved in recent years; as many high-grade residential developments have taken place and the district has become a favoured residential location. With the exception of the Örs Vezér tér that is the main a public transportation junction point, the district does not have a commercial center, larger office buildings and commercial properties are located sparsely along the Hungária / Róbert Károly Körút and Üllői út.

1.2.2 Overview of the micro locationThe subject property is located along the Csömöri út, approximately 150 m northeast of the Nagy Lajos Király útja. It is bordered by the Csömöri út from the west, Mosztár utca from the south, Bosnyák utca from the east and the Rákospatak utca from the north. The property has good visibility as it has a long border facing towards a busy main road passing through the district.The proximity of the Bosnyák tér market hall generates footfall in the surrounding area, and it can be considered as a hub/center for the Zugló area. The overall environment of the property is mixed, ranging from commercial properties/average to low grade residential properties. North east of the property, there is a sports field and the Paskál Park and Cordia Thermal Zugló residential development projects. The location lacks modern commercial properties, such as office buildings and retail units.

1.2.3 ConceptThe Zugló Városközpont (ZVK) will be a mixed-use project that will incorporate offices, health institution, shopping center, market hall and residential components. The development will be realized on an 8,7-hectare site with a total gross floor area of 251,000 sqm.

Main figures:Total plot area: 87 000 m2Total planned built area above ground 251 000m2Total planned built area below ground: 163 000 m2

The complex expects to include to the area some 15,000 people, living and working by the end of the construction, in 2028. The project aims at becoming the new heart of Zugló, and to serve as the hub of this neighbourhood.The XIV. district Municipality is planning to relocate to the planned Market Hall building, together with the district medical centre.During the master planning high emphasis should be given to the public urban spaces, where the citizens can meet, interact, relax. The shopping center should be a smaller, specialized service center – assuming a well-balanced mix of services and basic retail profiles.

1.2.4 Planned phasing of the ProjectThe project will be realised in 3 phases:

Phase 1- Shopping Center & office building, residential building, New market hall & municipality buildingPhase 2 - Office building, residential buildingPhase 3- Office building

Office buildings are planned with an average of 35 000 sqm GLA. Residential buildings between 18-25.000 sqm saleable area. The shopping center should have cca 18.000 sqm GLA.

Market Hall – The existing market building is to be demolished. The continuous operation of the market must be ensured during the project, so a temporary market is to be built by the Investor. Simultaneously, the new market hall will be built that is expected to have a footprint of 7,000 sqm. The designer of the new market will be awarded through a public tender issued by the municipality that is not the subject of this Competition but shall be considered.

Parking under the office and shopping centers will be minimum 2 levels to provide enough parking for the project. Residential building: max. one underground parking levels. 400-seat P + R car parking capacity should be built above the minimum required parking spaces on area that must be situated under Urban Place on one level while rest quantity will be put under the Market Hall.

The development is planned in phases over 8 years, starting construction in Q2/2021.

2. Basic data of the design competition

2.1 InvestorZugló-Városközpont Ingatlanfejlesztő, Ltd.HUNGARY 2038 Sóskút, Ipari park, Bolyai János u. 15.

2.2 ContactCandidates shall submit questions regarding the project to

[email protected]

Addressees:Márton Király Senior Project ManagerAndrás Herczeg Project Manager

2.3 Purpose of design competitionThe purpose of the design competition is to select the complex designer or group of designers who is the most eligible to implement the design program published in the design competition documentation so that the urban planning project is to be performed innovatively in a high urban development and architectural quality, taking full account of the present and future functional requirements.As a result of this design competition, the Investor wishes to make a contract with the selected designer in relation to Concept Design documentation to be prepared for the Zugló district project.

2.4 Mission of the urban development Zugló district centre to become a new gem, a district hub, transforming and creating value for the capital.An individual character that will differentiate and raise the project above the competitive real estate developments.


Remuneration for the invitation (MP&FD Fee)5000 EUR per Competitor

Remuneration (net) of the Bidders based on ranking:

First Prize: 40.000 EUR

Second Prize: 25.000 EUR

Third Prize: 10.000 EURTotal budget available for remuneration

Timetable, Condition of participation and other rules of design tender can be found in attached Competition Brief!

Download the information related to this competition here.