Bcome 2020

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In the era of super-aging and depopulation, Bcome 2020 is to discover new community
housing models that can cope with the obsolescence and deterioration of a backward housing
on the urban hillside of Busan, as well as to review the feasibilities of proposed models and
apply them extensively to adjacent similar areas. The main purpose is to develop low-rise housing models considering local characteristics and
the public good of housing stability for the socially vulnerable populations, exploring how to
realize the architectural-urbanist models of “inclusionary city” like the social housing promoted
by the present Korean governmental policy. Our programmatic suggestion of social housing is to enable the resettlement of existing
residents as an alternative to the existing practice of urban renewal due to urban deterioration
and hollowing-out, exploring how to provide the sustainable rights to housing for the
socioeconomically vulnerable, improve the environment for their stable dwelling and maintain
their community. It is primarily to develop social housing models by the public expenditure for the
neighborhood living facilities as social overhead capital to secure urban infrastructure and for
the reconstruction of collective housing to improve dwelling environmentMethod of competition This competition is an online international ideas competition open to all people and professionals
in and out of country. There is no entry fee, and amongst the submitted works, finalists will be
selected through deliberation and awarded totally 30 million KRW.PrizesIncluding the 1
st Prize of 15 million KRW, totally 30 million KRW will be awarded to 9
recipients of main prizes, and the certificates of merit under the name of Busan Architecture
Festival will be issued to many recipients of Honorary Mention. The 1
st Prizewinner and the other main winners are slated to be exhibited in Busan
Architecture Festival 2020 followed by the relevant publication of themWho Can Participate?All people interested in urban regeneration in and out of country, including majors and
professionals in architecture, urbanism, environmental design, and landscape architecture, can
participate in this competition.You may apply as an individual or a team (within 5 members). As a team, you shall pick
a representative applicant.Any team applicant cannot participate in more than one teamApplication and RegistrationQuestions and answers will be communicated once for every applicant (company). All questions shall be written in Korean or English. Submit the provided form Questions (Form
2) via the official e-mail (bafcompe@naver.com) within the period. Answers will be posted all at once on the official website so as for all participants to share. The answers to the questions will be considered an addition or modification to these
guidelines, and have the same force as them (the questions and answers will take priority). In the Questions form, the inquirer shall necessarily fill out his/her address, name, telephone
number, and e-mail address.To learn more about the competition and submission requirements click here.