Australia One – Revival Center For Animals And Humans Affected By Australian Bush Fires

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archeathonco.wixsite.comARCHEATHON is an open idea competition platform where you get to participate in concept-based competitions where you have to focus on just the creativity. ARCHEATHON's competition designers will make sure to bring out the magic within you. AWARDS Winning participants will receive prizes totaling USD 3000 $
First prize- USD 1500 $ + Certificate
Second prize- USD 1000 $ + Certificate
Third prize- USD 500 $ + Certificate Top 50 Winners will be published on social media handles and Archeathon website.
Jury: The competition will be judged by the Archeathon team. An Australian firefighting expert team is invited to share their opinion on the entries. Background : Climate change, the natural condition created by the unknown steps taken by humanity in history under the tag of innovation, modernization and technology leading to making the thin atmosphere of Earth a Hazard Chamber for all the inhabitants. this condition known as climate change is funneling all the natural calamities and making them a million times effective than they should be in their natural occurrence. The natural seasonal occurrence of Australian Bush fires have been funneled through that effect and have proved to be fatal to everything around it. From trees in the forests and the animals living in it to the streets and the houses in its way, making people and animals homeless. The Need : After an already devastating start to its fire season, Australia is bracing for conditions to get better. In this national emergency the people and animals of Australia have lost their homes and livelihood. It is the necessity of the time to revive and relocate them where they get aid and care until the affected rebuild their homes and hopes together. The Aim : The aim of the competition is to identify the issues caused by the Australian bush fires and implement them to design a revival center where people, animals and plant/tree species can co-exist and get aid, shelter and basic necessities to regain balance in their lives. The revival center should have unconventional living spaces where people and animals have separate spaces to live but facility for interaction would be a plus point.