Athenaeum 2023 – Bringing architecture to people

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Architects are not endowed with designing just buildings but with time, we are now building economies and mega cities. This expanded role of architecture is becoming more and more evident with the passing century, where the profession found itself from making enclosures for functions to defining how the functions would be. The keywords to define the architecture, transformed from just Aesthetics and Order, to Efficient and Sustainable. And it’s continuing to change.
As 2023 comes closer, these changing definitions are becoming more noticeable. Especially when we see this in the context of our education springing from the grassroots of architecture legends, to modern stalwarts of today. To braver design explorations and less of revivals. To more diversity in design, with knowledge passed on to progressive countries. As architecture evolves these themes continuously shift with amazing trails behind. And this, in the context of Denmark, looks more real than ever.
The secret of Copenhagen is open for the world to discover, and 2023 marks this special moment that has a chance to open it for the rest of the world. The competition brief here is to design an Athenaeum for Architecture at Copenhagen, that resonates with the evolving trends of world architecture. The word “Athenaeum” in the 21st century should be more than just a space for learning about architecture. This one of a kind endeavor of Architecture for Architecture should disseminate the past and its links to the current architectural trends, which shall pave the way to the future of world architecture ideologies.
The users of this Athenaeum would not be just architects or from a certain educational background, but for people and creatives at large. The place is not dedicated just for the built environment, but for the architects of ideas and concepts that led to this place, inspiring more people to know about the hidden lines between architecture.
Winners of this competition will get annually published with us in our e-yearbook and annual publications.