Arctic Design Vault – Preserving your design works in the Arctic for millenniums

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-About Program Initiatives
With the emerging architectural design works that defined various historical marks, it has a tendency to be deserted, obsolete, or worst-case scenario, though improbable, losing these works through a global calamity. Thus, documenting, preserving, and storing these design works are necessary.

Through the collaboration with multiple channels, and collected drawings, renderings, photographs from architects, firms and designers in a secure process. The design repository will be stored in the deep-underground Arctic vault built by Design Daily or trusted third parties in Svalbard, Norway.

As a part of the future heritage, preserving today’s design works are becoming important to avoid it being obsolete. Sponsored by Design Daily, archiving these works through advanced technics of storage helps ensure the safety and preservation of these data for future generations.

-Steps to Join
Here’s the step by step guide to joining the Arctic Design Vault program.
– Click to visit Design Daily User Center
– Register a new account and login user center
– Find the What’s New page and form to leave your information
– One email will be sent to you with unique link
– Open the link to upload your design works to Design Daily
– Design Daily stores the repository underground
– Claim your activity badge on profile page after archiving

The preservation program proceeds round by round, and the first vault will be deposited by the end of 2023.
30-Apr-2021Announce program and launch website
20-Jun-2021Register program with Design Daily
01-Oct-2022Upload design works through User Center
31-Dec-2023Deposit the repository into underground

-Frequently Asked Questions
– Is it free to join the Arctic Design Vault program?Absolutely FREE. Since it is a non-profit program sponsored by Design Daily, the participants, as well as memberships, don’t have to pay any fees at any stage. The program is permanently free.
– Who owns the copyright of the submitted design works?The copyright of the work belongs to you or its original holder from beginning to end. The program is a repository for archiving architectural digital memories. We will not use these works without permission and authorization. Even if getting your permission and authorization, we still have no intention to use your design work in any condition.
– Which certain form of storage are you using to preserve design?We will collaborate with a trusted third party to convert all digital design works (in the form of binary code) to grey pixels that are inscribed into a four-level grey film that contains eight million data points per frame which contain around 120 GB which could be readable through a digital scanner, microscope, etc. This technology is structured on open-source principles to protect the information at the same time making the data accessible whenever it is needed through a digital scanner and open-source software. At the same time, we still use solid-state hard (SSD) drives for storage as a backup.
– How would this last 2000 years?The storage for this data would be located deep inside an arctic mountain in Svalbard and it is a demilitarized zone. Thus, making this location suitable to protect valuable data. The cool dry conditions prolong the longevity of the data being stored in this vault. There are successful cases for preventing the loss of irreplaceable data, for example, Global Seed Vault, Arctic World Archive, where they are in the same area with same philosophy.