Archmello – Thesis Of The Year Award – 2021

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After completing so many studio programs, juries & years of sleepless nights, an architecture student reaches the final mighty stage of “Thesis”. Architectural Thesis is all about going beyond & exploring.

An Architecture Thesis starts with the difficult task of topic selection, tons of research work, case studies, site selection, concept development, design evolution, the presentation & report development. We believe thesis represents you & your understanding of the entire field. The “Thesis of the Year Award” is our small attempt to honour some amazing thesis works.

Archmello’s “Thesis Of The Year” award is open to all recent/past graduates & post graduates in architecture. The competition is open for both Indian & Foreign nationals.

The “Thesis Of The Year” award welcomes architectural thesis work done in the following areas : –

Urban Planning and Infrastructure
Cultural Facilities
Leisure and Fun Facilities
Public Offices Buildings and Institutions
Housing Facilities
Mixed Use Facilities
Transport Terminals

Thesis is the most important part of an architecture student’s life as it provides an opportunity to the students to explore a particular design category, address a social – cultural issue through design or work on the futuristic theme. Whatever may be the topic of the thesis, “Thesis Of The Year” Award welcomes everyone to Make Your Work Worth at Archmello.