Architecture Film Festival London 2021 [OPEN CALL 2021]

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Architecture Film Festival London 2021

The Architecture Film Festival London announces its 3rd festival edition, which will take place in June 2021.

Since its first edition, the Architecture Film Festival London has aimed to discover and promote original ideas, conversations and art forms at the intersection of Architecture + Film. The festival organizers aim to offer a programme that fits personal spaces and shared fascinations without stealing needed off-screen time but rather enriching it. With this purpose in mind, our festival programme will present two sections: The International Film Competition and a collection of diverse, thematic screenings, essays and events entitled "Capsules". Considering the UK and abroad's current situation, this year's festival will be held online, offering a combination of ticketed, free and off-line content.

The programme innovation for the 2021 version comes in the shape of the "Capsules" section, aiming to give space to many curatorial voices by freeing them from a single, binding festival theme. Each Capsule will follow a predefined format, including films, essays/articles, photography, drawing, interviews, etc. These capsules will combine quality content with both reduced screen time and the possibility of enjoying off-line content in a printable format.

International Film Competition [OPEN CALL 2021]

The international film competition opens its [Open Call 2021] requesting film submissions in 6 categories, including 2 new film sections: New Media and Commercial.

From the final list of all film submissions, 18 finalists will be considered by a juried panel.

For its third edition, the international film competition has the pleasure of welcoming a jury panel composed of a respected and diverse group of professionals who represent a broad cross-section of expertise in the film and architecture worlds.

The Jury members for the 2021 edition are:

1- Simon Allford (Co-founder & Director AHMM, President-elect RIBA)
2- Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine (Bêka & Lemoine, Filmmakers, Teachers Diploma 16 AA School, London)
3- Rosa Rogina (Programme Director NLA, Head of Programming LFA)
4- Jordan Rowe (Centre Manager UCL Urban Laboratory, Urbanist in Residence Museum of London)
5- Matthew Quinn (Director Squint Opera (NY), Senior Advisor to NLA)

The 6 best films selected by the jury panel will be announced next June 25, and each film director will receive a unique commemorative award.

The [OPEN CALL 2021] is open, and it will be receiving submissions until April 4, 2021.

For more information about the international film competition 2021, please visit our website at, or connecting with our Instagram account