Architecture Competition for a rescue and rehabilitation center:Haven – Habitat for Koalas

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PREMISEEarth’s ecosystem besides resourcing human needs and habituating many culture ethos, is home to a variety of living beings. It is a ground for a complex network of interdependence between plants and animals. The mutually beneficial interactions between them have been paramount in the generation of the Earth’s ecosystem. But what happens when the foundation of the structure is slowly being ripped off? Australia is raging with its most unprecedented early fire season, which has reportedly destroyed an area of more than 3.21 hectares as of December 24, 2019. Bush fires raging up the country’s eastern coast have led to deaths and many properties getting incinerated. Amidst this, one of Australia’s most iconic animals has taken center stage in headlines – Koala Recent reports suggest that around 30% may have perished in the fire-devastated zones since November. Furthermore, rapid urbanization, agriculture has led to a sharp decline from the 8 million found in 1990 to fewer than 10,000 now remaining.
CHALLENGEIn a co-dependent hemisphere of plants and animals, humans should enact the role of a Samaritan than that of a disruptor. An element that helps in the ecosystem’s rehabilitation.