Architectural and Urban themes Competition: Paumme 2020

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These difficult circumstances, which we live in everywhere in the world, require all of us, more than ever, to work hand in hand.The world will be in dire need of architects who shape our world, how we think about it, and how we live in it. Architects create a society that is not only beautiful, but that is purposeful and practical as well.
PAUMME will allow the opportunity of creativity and growth. We dream, and no one can prevent us from our dreams. Nothing will stop us! We call on solidarity towards a better future. With that, we are pleased to launch the exhibition and competition PAUMME 2020 which will take place in the German University in Cairo on November 25th-29th, as part of a joint event AGORA CAUMME PAUMME 2020.
The main objective of the exhibition is to foster the integration of Mediterranean and Middle East identities into contemporary parameters of Architecture and Urbanism. It emphasizes and values the role of Architecture and Urbanism as a platform for social cohesion. PAUMME pursues to highlight and commend the excellence in Mediterranean and Middle East Architecture in creative works which are less than three years old. PAUMME 2020 aims to involve students and professionals, to engage young architects and researchers to interact, and promote Architecture and Urban quality designs in the region.