Arch2O Drawings Challenge 2021

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Architectural drawing with pens on top

Whether hand-drawn or digital, architectural drawings serve as the language of architects – through these drawings they tell the stories of existing buildings or foretell the stories of their designs. Ranging from abstract to highly detailed, and from strictly engineered to highly illustrated, architectural drawings give different senses of their context. The Arch2O Drawing Challenge calls for architectural drawings that convey the notion of their location and culture and tell stories of how people connect with these buildings.

Submission Requirements

Submit a single drawing that tells a significant story about architecture: how the built environment interacts with its context and inhabitants. The submitted drawing can be located anywhere in the world, be at any scale, and can represent an imagined architectural proposal or an existing work of architecture.

The drawing should be categorized under the following:

  • Plan
  • Section
  • Elevation
  • Perspective (1 or 2 points)
  • Parallel Projection (axonometric, isometric, etc.)
  • Sketch
  • Detail
  • Abstract

As long as your drawing frames architecture as its main element of the story it is eligible. Your drawing should be submitted alongside a short description that does not exceed 150 words, through which you tell your “story”.


  • Graphic drawing tablet from XP-Pen for the Top 2 Winners (1 Student, 1 Non-Student)
  • Publication in Arch2O’s annual feature: 100 Drawings About Architecture