Alternative 33: Open Ideas Competition for the Urban Revitalization of the District 33 in Yerevan, Armenia

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The Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Heritage has organized an idea competition for the urban revitalization of the District 33 in Yerevan, Armenia, to find alternative approaches to this valuable historic urban area.

District 33, better known to the public as “Firdusi”, is one of the last surviving historical districts of Yerevan, which is located in the city center, next to the Republic Square. The current project to be implemented in the area has raised public complaints and uproar, as for the past 20 years the weak policies in urban planning have erased the historical and cultural layers in Yerevan, leaving several extracts that are waiting for their turn to be demolished.

This initiative especially aims to affect the final decision of the city authorities, since the project submitted has not yet received final approval. Therefore, the purpose of the conceptual proposals regarding the revitalization of the urban environment is: to point out economically, socially and environmentally feasible, and sustainable solutions through open and competitive processes at the urban development level, which will be based on the principle of conservation and re-evaluation of the historically-formed urban environment.

There is no application fee for participation.Submission Deadline is September 10, 2020, and winners will be announced on September 21, 2020.

Awards: The organizers, considering the available financial resources, have delegated the following awards:

The Competition Jury consists of seven professionals from Armenia and abroad:

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