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Brief:International competition for designers to design models of different sizes and types for the purpose of implementing the winning in models a prestigious residential project with public squares, pedestrian paths, and vehicular routs. The project belongs to a large real estate company and the competition is launched by the Saudi Urban Society through a partnership contract between the society and the company. The residential project is located in Al-Waseel
area, northwest of Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi
The project lot is 4 km long and 1.75 km wide,
with a total area of: 315926 km2. The street
network is planned compatible with the natural
environment. From the 36 m wide main street,
sub-streets branch out leading to the residential
units. The total lengths of streets is 9.1 km.The site consists of 60 models distributed over the five
project areas. The participant must submit designs for only
one of the five project areas, corresponding with its
identity and the materials used in it, clarifying the shape of
the sculpture in the three sizes (small, medium, and large)
and the changes that may occur to it depending on the
change in size.
If the participant wishes to submit designs for other areas,
he may do so, but it must be registered and submitted
independently and not related to previous registration and
submission. If the participant wins more than one entry, he
will be awarded a maximum of two prizes.COMPETITION GOALS

From community perspectiveAttracting and encouraging designers and experts to promote and spread their creative work and employ it to enrich the built environment and raise the artistic sense.

From Society perspectiveachieving the fourth goal, which is to "organize scientific and cultural competitions in the Society's fields of specialization".

From company perspectiveObtaining quality designs for the required sculptures to be implemented in Al-Waseel project.50 Prizes with total around 80,000 USD. See breakdown of prizes in the following images.Competition link: link: photos:

Alwaseel site plan

Alwaseel site plan

AlWaseel Prizes in Saudi Riyal

AlWaseel Prizes in Saudi Riyal