A Kiosk For The Future

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A Kiosk For The Future

In the last decade, readers of newspapers and magazines have mostly migrated online, but a significant number of people who prefer to read printed newspapers and magazines is also increasingly noticeable. Newspapers come to life offline, and readers often come to cherish contact with vendors or even with each other. (Un)expected interactions always hide the potential of the added value. Kiosks are thus a part of the street furniture in the cities – and the common good.

The competition seeks answers to the question: what is the purpose of the modern kiosk, and how should it be designed as a modern architectural facility? The competition’s task is therefore to consider the importance of the kiosk in the urban space, its content, purpose, and form or architecture. What should the kiosk contain, how should serve its users, and what can it offer to the space where it is located?

The kiosk must provide a minimum internal area (2 m2 or more) and basic functions: sales areas, mini-warehouse, space for a cash register, entrance, and sales window. Innovative solutions are encouraged and should also be based on economic feasibility or sustainability.

Location is not specified. The kiosk can be either located in a historic center of a town or in a more generic setting. Preferably it should work well in different places. 

Submission Requirements

  • 1 poster in A3 format (297 x 420 mm) in 300 dpi resolution with portrait orientation in pdf format; presentation posters must contain:
    • At least one (1) floor plan at a scale of 1:50, basically dimensioned,
    • Sections or facades at the discretion of the competitor in the scale of 1:50, basically dimensioned,
    • At least two (2) perspective (or axonometric) views of the object; the type of perspective view is not specified (manual sketch, render, photograph of the physical model, schematic representation, etc.), but the object must be authentically displayed,
    • Any other material (e.g. conceptual diagrams, details, sketches, etc.),
    • Textual explanation: text (maximum 1,000 characters with spaces) describing the consideration of the meaning of the kiosk and content solutions and the main design concept;


The competition is open to architects, urban planners, landscape architects, industrial designers, painters, sociologists, philosophers, or students of the listed sciences.


  • First Prize: 1,500 EUR
  • Second Prize: 1,000 EUR
  • Third Prize: 500 EUR
  • Honourable Mentions (x3): 100 EUR each