A Building’s Essence

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A building's essence in black text next to image of Yale Center for British Art in a circle

The Architect profession demands that we master many skills, and knowing how to communicate architectural spaces through drawings and images is a crucial one.

With the advance in technology, architects can now present their designs through computers and software and this allows them to simulate reality. But with that progress, we’ve started to see a lack of identity in images, letting the program decide every aspect of that virtual photo. Bringing your style to the composition, and using different techniques allows you to imprint intentional moods and create certain atmospheres that are beyond what the eyes can see, but can actually better covey what you’d feel as you enter that space.

The Challenge

In this competition, you’re going to be challenged to visualize a building. Project: Unbuilt has taken care of the design part of the process, by picking three exemplar buildings so that you can focus on the visualization.

Your task is to create a single image that represents your building in the best possible way. You can choose to show the whole building, or highlight specific parts of it. Show it with its surroundings, or not. Display the real materials, or what feeling they would produce. There is no limitation as to what technique you should use.


1x Winner

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  • Upstairs Online Course
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  • Publication on online media
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