2020 MONUMENT _ Architecture Competition

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Our world is changing fast, while ambitions and challenges match in importance. In this context, design can play a huge role. How do we imagine the world to be? What range of possibilities we haven’t discovered yet? What’s a Non Architecture for a World in crisis? In 2020 we started the second phase of competitions to address the issues of tomorrow.

In line with our style we propose 9+1 themes – ten critical topics to work on, but this time they come with a framework to make sure that each theme is explored from different design angles. Rather than a program, a research ecosystem composed of various competitions running in parallel and exploring the same theme from different perspectives.

Our exploration journey will start from a theme one, a special step in our research program: Living Together.

In this competition we ask you to design a monument, architectural structure, piece of public art or new programme that questions the function of a monument in 2020 – Only 1 axonometry, absolute freedom of scale, site or program. You are asked to rethink the role of the monument nowadays and its function, interaction and responsibility towards its society / neighbours / users / visitors.

A monument can be a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a notable person, event or concept. The times are changing as are the ideals, which makes it necessary to re-evaluate the role of a monuments today.

Monuments are critical tools in shaping the values and identity of society. Most of what we know about many ancient cultures are through public monuments.
The idols of the past that symbolized heroism and patriotism can become the symbols of racism, hatred, and violence. But in the current days, what is a monument? What in a moment like this means to have a monument? Which values, episodes or people are worth commemorating today and in which form?

2020 Monument aims to answer those questions with particular focus on the context of an inclusive society.

Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it. Personal information of all the team members can be uploaded during the submission procedure of the final drawing.

1.000 euros worth in gift cards from one of the major online shops chosen by the winner.
Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and website.
Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
Reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.
EDITORIAL PICK (Maximum 6 Prizes)
Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website.
FINALISTS (Up to 36 Prizes)
Publication in the Non Architecture Competitions Journal.
The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

1 – 14 September 2020 -Special registration period (40 €).
15 – 30 September – Early registration period (55 €).
1 – 15 October – Regular registration period (70 €).
15 – 31 October – Late registration period (85 €).
21 October – Submission opens on our website.
01 November – 23.59 PM – Submission closes.
23 – 27 November – Winner announcement.

The timing always refers to Central European Time (CET)