2020 Busan Architecture & Urban Photo Competition

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In Architecture, materials aren’t simply limited to the element which composes a structure. The materials are reproduced according to the substance, but importantly, it signifies being greater than the mass only. Thus, it plays a key role in the perceptional process when the five senses are used including the touch feel materials. Furthermore, it indicates that such experiences undertaken by human beings can be integrated through the sense organs. Materials related to the senses of human beings include a metaphysical meaning such as regions, context, land, and memory. Therefore, this competition is aimed at showing architecture and cities that are reproduced in relation to the materials and the senses of human beings.

Eligibility: Anyone who has a keen interest for architecture and the city (unrestricted to nationalities).

Entry Conditions1) Up to 3 pieces of work2) The high-resolution JPEG files of 5 MB-10MB3) Rejected computer-generated files

Application1) Fee: Free2) Period: Mon., August 17, 2020 ~ Fri., September 25, 20203) Submission: Via E-mail (kiabphoto@hanmail.net)4) Application Form: Download from the website.5) Conditions: All pieces of work must be submitted with the application form

Announcement: Mon., October 12, 2020, on the official website

1) Period _ Thu., October 22, 2020 ~ Tue., October 27, 20202) Venue _ Busan Art Center 3rd & 4th floor