13th International Meeting of Collective Architectures IN – FRA – STRUCTURES

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IN – FRA – STRUCTURES AACC_2020 OPEN CALL for ideas to participate in the XIII International Meeting of Collective Architecture 17-20 September 2020
At that moment everything had to be rethought, IN the cities and BETWEEN the cities and BETWEEN the individuals.at that moment and in that place everything had been on Earth: the streets, the stories and the relationships. Suddenly it became necessary to rethink new IN-FRA-ESTRUCTURES.
They realized that the choices resulting from emergencies only led to other emergencies: no individual could be enough for himself and the cities, as well as their collective services, were too rigid to respond effectively to the changes that were taking place they had unlearned to dream, imagine and act collectively.a project of Collective Architectures: a call for a shared narrative, to build a new imaginary. Collective Architectures is a network of people and collectives that promote the participatory construction of the urban territory. Every year, since 2007, the international meeting of Collective Architectures is organized with the aim of expanding the network and consolidating a way of making cities and neighborhoods for and with people.
The 13th International Meeting of Collective Architectures, characterized by the theme IN – FRA – STRUCTURES, aims to strengthen the path of theoretical cultural exchange initiated in the last ten years. For the first time, the event will not be held in a city but will take place in the “digital space”. The call in this new context is a way of sharing ideas, projects and visions to participate in the XIII International Meeting of Collective Architectures.