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1I’m looking for drawings, is this the right place?
Yes! There's much more to architecture services than just drawings and conceptual designs. Before you get out your wallet, find out how much you should be paying for the full scope of services.
2How do you accurately assign a price to my project?
The first price you instantly receive is an estimate that is based on size, dimensions, materials, and complexity.The second set of details we gather will more accurately help us to determine what you should be spending on the architecture services.Of course every project has its own specifics that can drastically swing the price dependent on a number of variables. We do our best to give you a clearer understanding of what you should spend to get your project off the ground.
3What types of projects can I get priced out?
Residential (house, villa, apartment complex) Business building (Restaurant, etc.) Industrial (warehouse, office building, sporting facility) Academic or School building Healthcare or Lab Facility Spatial Planning Landscape Art Installation
4What are architecture services?
Preparation and Brief Project specs and proposal delieryConcept Design 3+ Different Conceptual drawingsSchematic Design Development of a real-world functional building inside the landscapeDetailed Design Further develop a functional design in more detailConstruction to Build A final design package for final build approvalHandover and Closeout Approach necessary contractors. Then manage and execute the buildIncluded: Plans, sections, elevations, axonometrics, renders, situation plan, interior and exterior renders
5How long does it take to go from getting a price estimate to getting a contract signed?
The first pricing comes instantly upon completion of our form. After we gain additional details we can provide more accurate pricing.We sort through 1000s architecture companies to then hand off your project specs to select few.The rest is dependent on your ability to provide all the remaining details for an architect to provide a proposal on the work.The entire process of getting a proposal can be as short as a week or take up to 60 days depending on the architect and your ability to provide feed.
6What happens to my information after I submit it?
We will review every form submission that comes through our website. Depending on the nature of your project, your contact details will be passed along to the most relevant architecture firms in our system.Be aware that each of these firms are interested in earning your business and have been encouraged to contact you in regards to the project.If at any point you wish for architecture firms to cease contacting you in regards to their service, you will need to ask each firm to remove you from their contact list.

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