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Who is behind ArchitectureQuote?

Finding qualified architects is hard. Getting in touch with great architects is even harder.

Most people have never worked with an architect

We make it easy and simple to get an accurate quote- fast

Our team is largely made of up of seasoned architects that have experienced countless frustrated clients first hand. We’re used to working with all kinds of projects and strive to put you through the least stressful experience of getting your project completed the way YOU want.

ArchitectQuote is your own dedicated architect and guide. We walk you through the entire process and remove the doubt, misunderstanding, and the lack of communication that is ingrained deeply in our industry.

We’re based in Copenhagen, Denmark but work internationally. We’re constantly expanding into new and interesting fields and consistently put our customers first. We love our work and find that an industry as old as architecture is well overdue for a revolution and face lift.

A Better Process

We bring all the best architects together in one place to work on your dream project

We work with 1000s of the world’s best architects
Get the right architect for the right job
Avoid wasting time on going back and forth just to get a price
We handle every step of the process

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