The Home of Man

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Since last year living in a COVID-19 calamity, the maximum priority in our society now is preventing and spreading of infectious disease, which is giving us many constraints in our daily actions. It is well understandable for our daily lives to be supervised but at the same time suppressing.

Under a situation which is unusual, diversity is declined and many subjects which had been questioned has shadowed below as it has fallen into oblivion. In “The Home of Man (1977)”, by Le Corbusier and Francois de Pierrefeu, shows aspirational plans to reconstruct the city of Paris vandalized by the Nazis during evacuation in World War II.

Now it seems crucially important for us too, to seek positive and essential proposals beyond COVID19.Therefore, this time the theme became “The house of man”. The proposals could be facilities from our surroundings, ideal city plans, or may even be institutional.

Proposals should be broad ideas that go far beyond what just a home is.
We look forward to your proposals.

“The home of man”can be taken literally, or could be an idea for city planning like Le Corbusier, or maybe it could be taken as a large world forming an eco-system for all lifeforms. In any case, it could predict the future of what our society should aim. Think freely to introducing a world for life of what human beings deserve.
― Ryue Nishizawa

Today post human and de-anthropocentrism is rumored, try reconsidering what “human”is. Just like “Nature”is not understood straightforward, “human”is not insurmountable or easily understood. Human will always continue being an attractive mystery. The reason because, we are all human too.
― Akihisa Hirata

To think about “the home of man”, one should first define human. Maybe for the people of Renaissance it was proportional, or an ethologist may say it is a vehicle for DNA. A geologist might say a conqueror of the latest geologic time. Looking forward to seeing novel but sharable definitions of what human is for architects living in this age.
― Yasutaka Yoshimura

Since we were made to change our lifestyles globally, people are beginning to comprehend that our life would never be the same as it was. Although changes were always made irreversible, it has never happened worldwide like this time. Anticipating to seeing what kind of newness will be found based on irreversible change or the way of thinking what human is.
― Tatsuya Hatori

In the society under COVID-19, the conflict between ZOĒ” bare life” and BIOS “a particular mode of life” described by Giorgio Agamben is radicalized. For controlling the infectious disease, society demands the management of ZOĒ, and the existence of BIOS is threatened. Please draw ideas of “The home of man” from now by imagining “Nest of the man” or “House of the animal”.
― Ryuji Fujimura

The spread of COVID-19 has not only changed our lifestyles and is also trying to change the one’s sense of values. But this could be a great chance for us to stop and rethink what “living” is. Looking forward to seeing many ideas to leading a lively discussion.
― Yukihiro Sohdai


Registration Period: Apr. 1st (Thur) – Oct. 1st (Fri), 2021

Submission Period: Aug. 19th (Thur) – Oct. 5th (Tues), 2021
(Submissions must arrive in the competition office by Oct. 5th 2021, 5:00pm, Japan standard time. )

Result: Prize-winners will be individually informed of the judging results.

Award Ceremony: Nov. 29th (Mon), 2021
(Award Ceremony will be held in Japan for the winners of the competition.)

Announcement: Public announcements will be made in the 2022 January issue of SHINKENCHIKU.


First Prize( one ): 1,000,000 JPY

Second Prize( one ): 500,000 JPY

Third Prize( one ): 300,000 JPY

Merit Prize( eight ): ¥100,000 each

(Total prizes amount: ¥2,600,000. All above prize money includes income tax)