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“Architecture is really about well being. I think that people want to feel good in a space…. On the one hand it's about shelter, it's also about pleasure.”
-Zaha Hadid
Being designers and architects, we are well aware of the equipment and stationary we require and the challenge of keeping them in place. The different types of pens and highlighters, rulers, dividers, portfolios, sheet holders, laptops and what not. And well, the truth is, organising things is one of the most difficult tasks for an architect/designer.
And this is what our challenge is all about.
Design a studio for an architect/designer to work in.Make the space as creative as possible. Use the volume provided efficiently.
Some basic things an architect/designer require:Drafting table and toolsLaptop table and accessoriesStorage for stationaryStorage for sheets and portfolio
PRO TIP: Architects/designers need spaces and things to relax a bit too.
Architects/designers sit to work, they work for 6-7 hours straight. So the place should be made possible to accommodate for such long intervals.
Area provided: Area of space: 2m*3m Height: 3m(NOTE: It's not a room)
Make whatever you like. Add as many possible spaces as you like. It's time to design your own studio.
1 A2 (landscape) composed with (at least):
1 plan1 section1 viewDesign explanation ( not more than 150 words)Sheet code mentioned in top right cornerSubmission must not include your Name, School or Organization which gives away your identity.All dimensions should be imperial or in metric units.
NOTE: This is an individual competition.
Space utilisationActivities accommodated within the provided volumeSheet presentation skillsCreativity
Registration deadline: 30th November 2020Submission deadline: 5th December 2020Result announcement: 10th December 2020
Registration is free.
Submit in .jpeg format of file size not more than 5mb.Submit your entry at: hello@arch8.inSubject of the mail: Your UCI (XXXXX)Name of the file uploaded: Your UCI (XXXXX)
Winner: Acknowledgement on our website and social media + publication of the participant’sinterview on website + 40% discount on your next architecture competition + certificate of achievement 1st Runner-up: Acknowledgement on our website + 30% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement2nd Runner-up: Acknowledgement on our website + 20% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement10 Honorable mentions: Acknowledgement on our website + 10% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement
Participation certificate for all the participants.
1. What is the nature of the competition? 'STUDIO' is an open idea design competition challenge which is open for students professionals & for any individual with a creative mind. 2. Who can participate in the competition? Architecture students, Architects, Interior Designer, Civil engineers & anyone with creativity can participate in the competition. 3. How many members can be a part of a team? This is an individual competition.4. How will a team get its Unique Identification Code? The Unique Identification Code ( UIC ) will be mailed on your registered e-mail address within 24 hrs after completing the registration process. 5. What is the use of Unique Identification Code? All the participants are requested to use their UIC at the top right corner of your submission as it is your identity for the competition related processes. 6. Does the 150 word limit include legends & one-liners in the sheet? No, the 150 word limit is for the proposal explanation only and it does not include the legends & one-liners on the sheet.