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Global Warming is a term almost everyone is familiar with. It is one of the biggest issues we are dealing with. In the upcoming years, global warming can affect us in many treacherous ways.
The first and foremost effect is polar ice caps melting. As the temperature increases, the ice at the North Pole will melt. Once the ice melts, the first effect will be a rise in sea levels because the melting glaciers become oceans. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center “if the ice melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet”. It affects many low-lying areas such as the Netherlands.
On one hand, we are planning on making life possible on Mars. But we still must think about how our livelihood is going to be in the next few centuries. We must think about how we are going to deal with the rise in sea levels across the globe along with the increase in temperature of Earth. We must think about how we are going to adapt to that environment and how all this will change our day-to-day chores.
So in this competition, we provide you a scenario of Earth of 2400. More than half of the land is covered with water. People have adapted to living on the water. They travel with boats and live in houses standing over stilts. All this has become the new normal.
Design a street market floating on water. Keeping the scale of the market small: Design the market for 10-15 shops.Assume the depth of the water, on which the market is to be designed, is 4m.People will come to purchase stuff on boats.Security of goods must be one of the major priorities.The market will be prone to sea waves.
1 A2 (landscape) composed with (at least):
Design explanation (not more than 150 words).A planA sectionA viewSheet code mentioned in the top right cornerSubmission must not include your Name, School, or Organization that gives away your identity.All dimensions should be imperial or in metric units.
OriginalityInnovationProblem Resolving skillsPresentation

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1. What is the nature of the competition? 'STREET-A-FLOAT' is an open idea design competition challenge that is open for students, professionals & any individual with a creative mind.
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